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1010ths HPDE July 2021 NCM

1010ths Motorsports

Saturday, Jul 17 — Sunday, Jul 18, 2021

NCM Motorsport Park, Bowling Green, KY


You are joining a select group of drivers who consistently display a very high level of Sportsmanship, Smart Driving and on track Courtesy.   It is what makes 10/10ths so Great.   THANK YOU



Saturday / Sunday  52 entries
  Name Status Class Instructor  YrMakeSponsor
Avatar Image Adcock, Bob Confirmed Instructor 1987BMW 325
Placeholder Avatar Boone, Alex Confirmed Advanced 2004Mini Cooper S
Placeholder Avatar Braddock, Jennifer Confirmed Advanced Porsche 912
Avatar Image Brown, Mark Confirmed Advanced 1992BMW GT36R401k
Placeholder Avatar Broyles, Dillon Confirmed Intermediate 2006Mazda MX5Mazcare
Avatar Image Burke, Tom Confirmed Intermediate 1987Porsche 911 Targa
Placeholder Avatar Chambers, Dan Confirmed Intermediate 1999Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Christensen, Christy Confirmed Instructor Chevrolet CorvetteAutoBlip
Placeholder Avatar Christensen, Lee Confirmed Instructor 2000Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Cobb, Michael Confirmed Intermediate Chevrolet Corvette
Avatar Image Curran, Richard Confirmed Novice Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Earnest, Drake Confirmed Intermediate 2019Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Placeholder Avatar Ehrnschwender, Barry Confirmed Instructor 2019Chevrolet Corvette
Avatar Image Finn, Peter Confirmed Instructor 2018Porsche GT3
Avatar Image Harrison, Scott Confirmed Advanced 2015Porsche 911 GTS
Placeholder Avatar Havens, Barry Confirmed Novice 2003Mazda Nb
Placeholder Avatar Houck, Ron Confirmed Novice 2021Toyota Supra
Placeholder Avatar Howell, Paul Confirmed Intermediate Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
Placeholder Avatar Humphreys, Chris Confirmed Instructor 2006Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Avatar Image Johnson, Angela Confirmed Novice 2014Chevrolet Camaro SS2none
Avatar Image Kadish, Steven Confirmed Novice . Solo 2020Chevrolet Corvette Z51
Avatar Image Li, Danny Confirmed Advanced 2018Chevrolet Corvette GS
Avatar Image Matthews, Clinton Confirmed Instructor 2020Chevrolet C8 CorvetteSix Mile Creek Distillery
Avatar Image Merino, Victor Confirmed Novice 2001Honda S2000
Avatar Image Noah, James Confirmed Instructor 2002Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Pape, Orion Confirmed Novice 1995BMW M3
Avatar Image Piccioni, Gerard Confirmed Instructor 2004Porsche GT3
Placeholder Avatar Polk, Larry Confirmed Intermediate 2015Porsche GT3
Avatar Image Potter, Mitch Confirmed Novice 2020Chevrolet CorvetteNone
Placeholder Avatar Rivera Serrano, Carlos Confirmed Intermediate Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar Rosedale, Mike Confirmed Intermediate 2015Chevrolet Corvette Z06Six Mile Creek
Placeholder Avatar Rosenstein, Robert Confirmed Advanced 2001Chevrolet Z06
Avatar Image Ross, Brian Confirmed Intermediate 2013Subaru BRZ
Placeholder Avatar Ryan, Bailey Confirmed Novice Sean Ryan 1962Lotus 7 Super Stalker
Placeholder Avatar Ryan, Sean Confirmed Instructor 1962Lotus 7 Super Stalker
Avatar Image Saldana, Maryam Confirmed Instructor 2016BMW M3OrangeKatRacing
Avatar Image Schleutker, Jeff Confirmed Instructor 1996BMW M3McGinity Motorworks...Carmel Indiana
Placeholder Avatar Shearer, Clay Confirmed Advanced 2011Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Avatar Image Simpkins, Matthew Confirmed Novice 2020Chevrolet Camaro ZL1Yardy Motorsports
Avatar Image Soetje, Mark Confirmed Novice 2016BMW Grand Coupe
Placeholder Avatar Solo, . Confirmed Instructor 2020Chevrolet
Placeholder Avatar Spirito, Michael Confirmed Advanced Porsche 944turbolugnuts
Placeholder Avatar Stone, Jarrod Confirmed Intermediate 2019Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye
Placeholder Avatar Terasaki, Josh Confirmed Intermediate 2007Honda S2000
Avatar Image Van Ry, Jordan Confirmed Advanced 1995BMW Ti-FrankensteinMy awesome wife
Placeholder Avatar White, Drew Confirmed Intermediate 1994BMW 325i
Placeholder Avatar White, John Confirmed Advanced 2019Chevrolet Corvette GS
Placeholder Avatar White, Ray Confirmed Intermediate 2006Mazda Miata
Placeholder Avatar Wilkinson, Ricke Confirmed Intermediate Subaru BRZ
Avatar Image Wilson, Mike Confirmed Instructor 2007Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Placeholder Avatar Witkiewicz, Joseph Confirmed Advanced 2018Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
Avatar Image Woods, Bill Confirmed Novice 2019Subaru WRX
Saturday   7 entries
  Name Status Class Instructor  YrMakeSponsor
Placeholder Avatar Bootin, Austin Confirmed Intermediate 2014Nissan 370Z
Avatar Image Brady, David Confirmed Novice 2003Chevrolet Corvette
Placeholder Avatar McGinnis, Tommy Confirmed Novice 2008Ford MustangTom Dooley's Garage
Placeholder Avatar Player, Rob Confirmed Novice 2000Mazda Miata
Avatar Image Presley, Tj Confirmed Novice Chevrolet Corvette
Avatar Image Scarbrough, Caleb Confirmed Novice 2005Chevrolet Corvette
Avatar Image Vander Ende, Dirk Confirmed Novice 2019Dodge Hellcat Red Eye

59 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.