Tue, Jul 19, 2022

Xtreme Xperience Instructor Track Day

GingerMan Raceway

About this event

Xtreme Xperience 10 Year Anniversary Instructor Track Day

Welcome to the first Instructors Track Day to celebrate Xtreme Xperience's 10 year anniversary.  This event is designed for all Xtreme Xperience Instructors to enjoy each other's company for our own track day with our own cars.  This event is limited to anyone who has previously instructed with Xtreme Xperience.  Any driver who has not instructed/worked with Xtreme Xperience will not be permitted on the track.  This registration is for participation in an entire track day operation on July 19th, 2022 at Gingerman Raceway, in South Haven, Michigan which is the day before the Xtreme Xperience Autobahn #2 event.  Those who come to the instructor track day will enjoy the open track day with their car(s) that passes tech inspection. The event will start with Gates opening at 7:00 AM EST, Tech Inspection opening at 8:00 AM EST (Closes at 8:30 AM EST), and Hot Track from 9:00 AM EST to 5:00 PM EST.  Everyone to be off property by 7:00 PM EST.  If you have never been to Gingerman, then expect to ride with another instructor until signed off, because safety is the primary concern.  Lunch will be provided to all that attend, If you have a spare grill or tent please bring it as well as a chair/seat. 

An optional '3 Lap Challenge" will be held to show off your ego and your skills. For $75 (Paid via Paypal), you will get 3 timed and video-recorded laps in a surprise vehicle.  All participants will be using the same vehicle all day long.  Winners and the contest are subject to the '3 Lap Challenge' rules.  Participants to break any rules will forfeit their right to any prizes during the contest.   Prizes for the 3 Lap Challenge will be for multiple categories which will not be disclosed at this time.  

Local lodging is available through various hotels/campsites/track camping.  Track camping is allowed but must be declared before the event so a roster can be submitted to the track, all fees associated with camping at the track will be paid to the track directly.


Event requirements

Sign-up will close 1 month before the event. Adam Olade has contributed 50% of the funds necessary to put this event on as a thank you to all the instructors at Xtreme Xperience in celebration of Xtreme Xperiences 10 year anniversary, be sure to email/call/text him to say thank you for his generous donation to the instructors. Upon confirmation, of the event, each driver's payment is due within 24 hours, the cost is $250/driver.  Payment can be made by Paypal to bkorfel@hotmail.co.uk.  

There is an optional challenge for anyone who registers, attendees are allowed, ‘3 Lap Challenge’.  Individuals who choose this option will pay $75 for 3 laps in a surprise car.   An additional 3 laps will be $50 which is available for purchase on the track day.  The ‘surprise’ car will have a Garmin Catalyst system installed to record video and audio as well as track time.  Posted trackside there will be a board of the top 3 lap times of the day in the "surprise car". There will be prizes awarded for certain lap times and will be subject to the rules of the ‘3 Lap Challenge’. (Please see below) 

All participants will be required to have at minimum, a shirt with half sleeves or full sleeves (NO CUTOFFS), full-length pants, (no shorts), and closed-toed shoes. SA2010 or newer helmet with no defects that would hinder its safety.  All vehicles also must pass tech inspection before being permitted on the course. 

'3 Lap Challenge' Rules

  1. Each Driver will get 3 timed and video recorded laps in the 'Special Car'
  2. Each Driver will be assigned a random number and drive times will be chosen at random, using random.org
  3. The 1st lap begins when passing the start/finish line. (There will be 1 observational lap before timing starts) The 3rd lap end's when crossing the start/finish line upon completion of the 3rd timed lap. The final lap will be a cool-down lap.
  4. All laps will be timed and recorded by Garmin Catalyst.  We will allow video and data review should you choose to purchase additional laps.  Bring your own computer to transfer the data.
  5. If the video shows the vehicle leaving the track during any lap including the cool-down lap, you are automatically disqualified from the challenge and unable to purchase additional laps, and will be charged for the damages to the 3 Lap Challenge vehicle.
  6. Any Driver who causes damage to the vehicle that will require the challenge to end will or create additional fees to the 3 Lap Challenge vehicle will be directly charged to the driver at the track and disqualification from the challenge. (You broke it, you bought it)
  7. The "3 Lap Challenge Vehicle" (3LC Car) has the right of way/driving line. If the 3LC Car is approaching you while on track, move offline and let the 3LC Car pass without disrupting its drive. Unless waived off during its cool-down lap. This hand signal will be conveyed in the driver's meeting.
  8. Additional sessions are available for purchase @ $50 for 3 laps. No individual laps may be purchased, 3 laps @ $50 are the only way to purchase additional laps. (this money will be directly contributed to the winning pool, raising all cash prizes.)
  9. Making contact with anything either on or off track is strictly prohibited and will end your entire track day and may have further repercussions with the Xtreme Xperience Instructor Advisory board.
  10. The next Driver should be waiting in the pit lane to switch into the 3LC Car.
  11. Failure to be in the 3LC car and ready at your assigned drive times will automatically forfeit your drive, and will not be given a second try.
  12. Any mechanical condition(s) that the 3LC car develops that renders the car not "track-worthy" will automatically nullify the challenge and result in no winners.
  13. When applicable, the 3LC car will be the first car out of each new run group to ensure to stay on schedule.

By Signing up for the 3 Lap Challenge you agreed to the above rules.

GingerMan Raceway

South Haven, MI
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Tue, Jul 19, 2022