Sat, Apr 9, 2022

We’re Back!!!! The North Side of Indy Rally


About this event

2022 Northside of Indy General Instructions.pdf

This is a Game Tour Adventure (GTA) style RoadRally.  It is run on public roads and requires at least two participants in the vehicle (driver and navigator).  Participants will be given tasks to accomplish at several different locations and will need to complete them by traveling the least amount of miles.  Tasks include taking pictures, finding objects, and answering questions based on information found along the route.  Detailed information is included in the General Instructions document above.


2:30-3:00 P.M   Registration (waivers and weekend member forms will be in registration packets)

3:15 P.M.  Mandatory Safety Meeting (call in from your car)

3:30 P.M + Car Number   Start of Rally

7:00 P.M + Car Number   Should arrive at end point (same as start point).  Please join us for awards and food!

Items Needed:

  1. At least two people in the car (driver and navigator)
  2. Cell phone or another way to take selfies
  3. Google Maps or another map app or a detailed map of the area around Westfield, IN
  4. Pen/pencil
  5. Clipboard
  6. Working car odometer

Event requirements

Please register using one of the following classes.

GTA 2 - driver and navigator are only participants in the vehicle

GTA 3 - driver, navigator plus one other participant in the vehicle

GTA 4 - driver, navigator plus two other participants in the vehicle

If you have more than 4 participants in the vehicle, register for GTA 4 and we'll gather information for remaining individuals before the rally.

Awards will be given for Novice and Experienced in each of the above classes.

Entries (8)

Jerry White
John Wills
Jeff Alexander
Mike Jackson
Maegan Burkart
Mark Finch
Aaron Curtis
Ben Brenneman


Westfield, IN


Road Rally organized by

SCCA - Indianapolis Region - Rally

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