Sat, Dec 5, 2020

TX SCCA Time Trials Toy Drive Cresson 1.3 CCW

Motorsport Ranch - Cresson

About this event

What: Texas Region SCCA Time Trials (TT) TOY DRIVE

Where: Cresson 1.3 Counter-Clockwise

Good News!!!! Time Trial novice group has been added for this event. It will be lead-follow instead of an instructor because of Covid-19. This allows you to work towards a SCCA Time Trial license!

Please bring a toy for "Toys for Tots" sponsored by the U.S. Marines.

Masks must be worn onsite at this event and social distancing must be practiced.

This event has two registration options – Novice Group and Time Trial. Please choose the correct element during the registration process:

  • The Novice Group (NG) element is open to novices with little or no track experience.  NG drivers will have an instructor assigned to them for the day and will participate in classroom sessions covering track driving concepts, etiquette, and more.
  • The Time Trials (TT) element is a timed event (SCCA level 2 Track Event), with the option to participate in the 2020 Time Trials Championship Series.
    • Driver qualification for Time Trials will be as follows:
      1. Hold a current SCCA Competition license, or a history of tracking events with SCCA or SCCA recognized organizations such as PCA, NASA, CHIN, BMW, PBOC, etc; or
      2. Hold a current SCCA PDX License; or
      3. Hold an SCCA PDX log book that indicates the ability to 'solo' and has successfully completed at least 3 SCCA PDX events; or
      4. Has been approved to drive solo by any of the following HPDE schools: Apex, Drivers Edge, Chinn, Eagles Canyon, Texas World, Edge Addicts. 
      5. Receive an entry waiver from the Event Chief Driving Instructor.

If you do not meet the requirements of 1-4 above, you can request an entry waiver by contacting the Chief Driving Instructor, Brad Flack (  All drivers approved for participation who do not meet 1-4 above and who don't have and entry waiver will need to choose the Novice Group (NG) option when registering.  NG drivers will have an instructor assigned to them for the day.  

*Your AMB transponder must be compatible with our timing system.  If you're not sure, please email Brad Flack ( for clarification.

Event requirements

Please take a look at the changes in the classes for the 2020 season. The Texas Region Ultimate Class. Check out the requirements for this class at 11.3 in the Texas Region Club Trials Supplementary Rules 2020 V2.pdf

MotorsportsReg has added a texting feature that we are trying out for Time Trial. Please check the yes box for receiving text message when you register. Also go to your profile and make sure that the phone # that is listed for you will be the one you have at the track. If not, please change it. We are going to see how it works to notify you when it is time to go to grid. 

For the Time Trial series, classing is based on SCCA Autocross classing, and then grouped those classes together for cars of similar capabilities. Here is some help for car classing. This works if there are no changes to your car -- SCCA 2020-03-11_Street_Category_by_Manufacturer (2).pdf  Quick guide for changes to your car -- Solo Quick_Reference_of_Category_Allowances.pdf  CAM classing -- 2020_CAM_Rules.pdf Full rules for car classing to large to load. Go to 2020 Solo Rules and download the rules -- Page 73 Street, Page 85 Street Touring, Page 97 Street Prepared, Page 117 Street Modified, Page 123 Prepared, and Page 147 Modified. If you have any questions, please email Sherrie Ledbetter .

Classic American Muscle “CAM” Solo classes CAM-S, CAM-C, CAM-T

Street 1 Solo classes SSR, SS, AS, BS, FS

Street 2 Solo classes CS, DS, GS
Street 3 Solo classes ES, HS, HCS, HCR
Street Touring 1 Solo classes STU, STR (except 1994-2015 Mazda Miata)
Street Touring 2 Solo classes STX, STR (Including 1994-2015 Mazda Miata), STH

Street Touring 3 Solo classes STS
Spec Coupe Class Solo classes SSC
Street Prepared 1 Solo classes SSP, ASP, BSP, ESP
Street Prepared 2 Solo classes CSP, DSP, FSP
Street Modified Solo classes SMF, SM, SSM, XS-A, XS-B
Prepared Solo classes XP, BP, CP, DP, EP, FP
Texas Region Ultimate Class does not meet solo classes above – See 2020 Time Trial Supps 11.3)

Race Groups: Please see Event Schedule for Race Groups 

7:00 Registration Opens
7:30 Mandatory Drivers Meeting
8:30 First Session on track

There will be a MANDATORY drivers meeting at 7:30. Failure to attend this meeting will prohibit you from participating.

Please print off and complete this SCCA TT TechForm.pdf  before you come to the event.  If you are not comfortable completing the checklist yourself, a race shop can do it for you.

The Chief Steward, Chief Safety Steward, and Chief Driving Instructor have the authority to disqualify participants for failure to follow event rules, both on and off track.


Entries (32)

Mirabella Alfaro
John Loflin
Kenneth Walling
Brian Buchanan
Ivy Chang
Tim Mason
PAulo Diaz
Richard Schwausch

Motorsport Ranch - Cresson

Cresson, TX


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SCCA - Texas Region - Time Trial

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