Sat, Aug 28 - Sun, Aug 29, 2021

TSCC Summer Bash HPDE and Gripfest


About this event

Summer Bash HPDE and Gripfest presented by the Tidewater Sports Car Club


NCCAR HPDE - Saturday, August 28, 2021

NCCAR Gripfest- Saturday Evening, August 28, 2021

NCCAR HPDE - Sunday, August 29, 2021

Run Groups:                                           

Drivers are split into 4 run groups based on skill level. Green will be required to run with instructors.

[]– Green: This is the Novice group for anyone who has zero, or very limited, track experience and requires an instructor.  An in-car instructor will be provided to each student to help get all members of this group up to speed. Please note this group is limited in size and fills up quickly!

[]– Yellow: This is the Intermediate group, which is for anyone with multiple weekends of experience and has been cleared to drive solo.

[]– Blue: This is the Advanced run group, which is for anyone with many track weekends. You should have a solid history with numerous events completed.

[ ] White: This is the Lead Follow Instructor run group.

All Experience will be verified for instructors and advanced run groups.


Gripfest is a Time Trial series. The format is single lap at a time with a standing start and flying finish. Cars are released far enough apart from each other that there is no passing. Competition is broken up into classes based on specifications and modifications.

What are the classes?

We have an “R” class specifically for all non-production-based race cars, a “U” class for the fastest of production-based cars, and classes “A” (faster) through “E” (slower). All production-based cars input through a classing calculator (see the specific event page for details) to determine classes U or A-E. Class your car here!

Want to learn more? View our Gripfest FAQ here


 Student and Solo Pricing:

$395 - 2 Days of HPDE

$225 - 1 Day HPDE

$125 - Saturday Gripfest


Instructors - Instructors may join us at no charge. All instructors get a one run group guarantee. This will be lead follow instruction. If you wish to instruct and have not done so with us before, please email to confirm.  Experience will be verified.

Registration closes on August 21st. No walk ups will be accepted!

Refund/Cancellation policy:

Cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis. Cancellations within 30 days will be subject to an administrative fee and only credit will be given. In the event of inclement weather, all participants will receive a full refund.

Schedule of Events:                                         

Detailed Schedule will be announced closer to the start of the event

HPDE during morning and afternoon with Gripfest taking place after the last HPDE session


HPDE during morning and afternoon.

Event requirements

Carefully read all sections of this page. Failure to do so can delay or prevent participation at the event!

Driver Requirements:                                     

  • Drivers must have a valid driver or competition license. License must be able to be presented at registration.
  • Drivers under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian on site at all times.
  • All Drivers must be wearing closed-toe shoes, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt made of cotton or other non-synthetic fibers.
  • Multiple drivers in the same car will not be allowed in the same run group. We are aiming to keep the run groups small to maximize track time, and to help ensure a relatively open track for all groups. All drivers must individually register to run in this event.
  • All Drivers MUST READ and understand the TSCC HPDE Supplemental Rules (CLICK HERE).

Gripfest Requirements:                                     

  • Please class your car here.
  • Multiple drivers in the same car will not be allowed in the same heat. We are aiming to keep the heats small to maximize track time and minimize time on worker stations. Only two drivers per car,  one per session. All drivers must register to run in this event.  
  • Download the TT Supplemental Rules Here. This will provide further clarification on competition and site regulations and requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure you abide by all rules.
  • Please note the organizers have the right to reclass a car based on performance not accounted for in the calculator.
  • Go-karts, motorcycles, and trikes are not allowed to run in this event. We are allowing open wheel cars and formula cars to run. Cars that are not production based, please contact us before you register to verify if your vehicle will be allowed.

Vehicle Tech and Safety:                                         

The Tidewater Sports Car Club takes the safety of our drivers, instructors, and Safety Workers very seriously. Please pay close attention to this section as you WILL NOT be allowed on track if you fail to comply with our safety and tech policies.


Pre-Tech Inspection:

A Pre-Event Tech Inspection is required for all participants to be done and our form filled out within 30 days of the start of the event.

The tech form can be downloaded/printed HERE.  Please email if you have any questions. 

TSCC will hold a tech inspection event prior to the HPDE. A a valid 2021 Tech sticker (NASA, SCCA, WRL, etc) can be used as a substitute to the pre-tech form.

To ensure your vehicle will have no issues passing tech at the event, please READ THE TSCC HPDE SUPPLEMENTAL RULES (CLICK HERE).

we WILL be doing a hands on inspection of all vehicles the day of the event.


Convertible Requirements:

Please read our complete HPDE Supplemental Rules (CLICK HERE) which contain all information needed regarding specific convertible requirements, the broomstick test standards, and other safety requirements such as harness install, etc. All convertibles must have adequate rollover protection and owners shall contact to verify if the factory rollover protection is adequate.

Miata and S2000 stock rollover protection is NOT adequate and a suitable roll bar is necessary.  MOST factory vehicles do not have adequate rollover protection.



You must have a SNELL Rated Helmet SA2010 or newer


Registration, Payment, and Wait List:  

All attendees will be placed on "hold" status until prior experience is reviewed and verified. Payments will be processed upon signup.



Instructors - If you wish to instruct and have not done so with us before, please email to confirm.  Experience will be verified.


Final Notes:                                            

Registering for this event acknowledges agreement to comply with these rules set-forth above.

All Participants must pre-register for this event. All experience listed WILL BE VERIFIED to ensure safe run group assignments.

Entries (41)

Mark Houchins
Mike Luther
Stephen Fehr
Lincoln Marcoux
Stanford Vann
Brad Anderson
Jenny Anderson
Paul Knowles Sr


Garysburg, NC
Download track map
Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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Tidewater Sports Car Club

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