Sat, Aug 29 - Sun, Aug 30, 2020

TSCC Summer 2-Day HPDE at NCCAR


About this event

Special Event No Refunds/cancellation policy. This event is subject to a minimum attendance requirement. 2 weeks before the event is to be held a call will be made if attendance is not met or Covid-19 guidelines have changed to determine if the event will take place. If the event is to be canceled all paying participants will be fully reimbursed.  This event is subject to change without prior notice.

Covid-19 Guidelines

1. NCCAR buildings are restricted access.

2. Portable Showers are available.

3. Pits to be distanced 10 feet apart (minimum)

4.Mandatory mask required/6 feet social distancing requirement.

5.Hand sanitizer located throughout the facility

6. Camping will still be allowed on site.

This is a Mask required event no exceptions. If you have a condition which would preclude you from wearing a mask then you should not attend. There will be roaming Sheriffs on site to enforce Covid-19 guidelines. Any violators will be expelled from the premises without refund or credit.

NCCAR will be restricted access and only those pre-registered will be allowed on site for this event. All waivers must be filled out electronically before arriving, An email blaster will be sent out 14 days prior to the event with event waivers.

HPDE at NCCAR presented by the Tidewater Sports Car Club

Looking to push you and your car’s limits on track? First time out or a seasoned track veteran? An HPDE ( High Performance Driving Experience) is the perfect place to go fast and enjoy your car without having to worry about lap times, positions, or state troopers with radar guns. The event includes numerous open track sessions as well as classroom sessions putting driving theory and driving practice together, making you a better, faster, and safer driver on track!

Run Groups:                                           

Drivers are split into 5 run groups based on skill level. One of the five groups will be dedicated to novice drivers who will be required to run with instructors.  Each run group will get four to five 20 to 25 minute sessions, and all solo drivers may take part in the extended open track session at the end of the day!

[]– Green: This is the Novice group for anyone who has zero, or very limited, track experience (2 weekends or less).  An instructor will be provided at your side to help get all members of this group  up to speed.

[]– Yellow: This is the Intermediate group, which is for anyone with multiple weekends of experience. A lead follow instructor will be present on track for all members of this group.

[]– Purple: This is the Intermediate group, which is for anyone with multiple weekends of experience. Purple drivers have been approved by an instructor to drive solo.

[]– Blue: This is the Advanced run group, which is for anyone with many track weekends, no instructors are required. You should have a solid history with several events completed, being safe on track, being aware of all your surroundings, knowing all the flags, etc.

[ ] White: This is the Lead Follow Instructor run group. 

All Experience will be verified for instructors and advanced run groups.


[]Green, []Yellow, and []Purple Groups: $450

[]Blue Group: $300

[ ]Instructors: Instructors may drive with us at no-cost

Schedule of Events:                                         

6:00 am             NCCAR Gates Open, Tech and Registration Open

7:20 am             Tech and Registration Close

7:40 am              Instructors Meeting

8:00 am              Driver Meeting

8:10 am              Instructor Pairing and Introductions

8:20 am              Morning Driving Sessions Begin

12:10 pm            Lunch

12:40 pm            Driver Meeting

12:55 pm            Afternoon Sessions Begin

5:30 pm              Afternoon Sessions End

Driving Directions:                                            

From Interstate 95, take Exit 176 turning east onto NC-46. Continue eastbound 0.4 miles to SR-1604 (Lowes Boulevard). Turn left onto Lowes Boulevard, drive for about one mile and take the first road on your left - Technology Drive. The entrance to NCCAR is half a mile ahead. Proceed through the gate and to the entry kiosk building to check in and sign both the NCCAR and TSCC waivers and obtain a wristband. 



Driving Distances

Roanoke Rapids (NC) 5 miles;

Emporia (VA) 18 miles;

Rocky Mount, (NC) 45 miles;

Petersburg (VA) 61 miles;

Norfolk (VA) 82 miles;

Richmond (VA) 85 miles;

Raleigh (NC) 90 miles.

Don't live nearby the track?                                      

You can stay on the NCCAR property either in your camper/car/trailer/etc at no charge Friday and/or Saturday night!  Gates DO close in the evenings after approximately 8pm... so if you're staying overnight get there early!

Event requirements

Carefully read all sections of this page. Failure to do so can delay or prevent participation at the event!

Driver Requirements:                                     

  • Drivers must have a valid driver license. License must be able to be presented at registration.
  • Drivers under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian on site at all times
  • All Drivers and Passengers must be wearing closed-toe shoes, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt made of cotton or other non-synthetic fibers.
  • Multiple drivers in the same car will not be allowed in the same run group. We are aiming to keep the run groups small to maximize track time, and to help ensure a relatively open track for all groups. Only two drivers per car, one per run group. All drivers must individually register to run in this event.
  • All Drivers MUST READ and understand the TSCC HPDE Supplemental Rules (CLICK HERE).

Vehicle Tech and Safety:                                         

The Tidewater Sports Car Club takes the safety of our drivers, instructors, and spectators very seriously. Please pay close attention to this section as you WILL NOT be allowed on track if you fail to comply with our safety and tech policies.

We will have an EMT on standby trackside.

Pre-Tech Inspection:

A Pre-Event Tech Inspection is required to be done and our form filled out within 30 days of the start of the eventThe tech form can be downloaded/printed HERE.  Please email if you have any questions.  Given the Covid-19 guidelines TSCC will not hold a tech inspection day.

To ensure your vehicle will have no issues passing tech at the event, please READ THE TSCC HPDE SUPPLEMENTAL RULES (CLICK HERE).

Convertible Requirements:

Please read our complete HPDE Supplemental Rules (CLICK HERE) which contain all information needed regarding specific convertible requirements, the broomstick test standards, and other safety requirements such as harness install, etc. All convertibles must have adequate rollover protection and owners shall contact to verify if the factory rollover protection is adequate.

Miata and S2000 stock rollover protection is NOT adequate and a suitable roll bar is necessary.  MOST factory vehicles do not have adequate rollover protection.

All convertible/open top vehicles must be able to pass the broomstick test. The broomstick test involves laying a wooden dowel/broomstick/etc across the windshield frame and the roll bar with the driver seated in their normal position and wearing their helmet. The driver must have 2in of clearance between the dowel and their helmet. NOTE: If you have a non-production-based vehicle/kit car and cannot prove that the windshield frame is a structural item (letter from

the manufacturer stating so), the broomstick test will be performed to the front shock tower/structural chassis point instead of the windshield frame.

Go-Karts, Motorcycles, and Trikes:

Go-karts, motorcycles, and trikes are not allowed to run in this event. We are allowing open wheel cars and formula cars to run in the Advanced or Instructor groups ONLY if you qualify.  Cars that are not production based, please contact us before you register to verify if your vehicle will be allowed.


You must have a SNELL Rated Helmet SA2010 or newer.  Loaner helmets are available at no charge, but we cannot guarantee fitment/availability.

Registration, Payment, and Wait List:                                      

Registration will be capped at 60 Participants!

Anyone who registers after the cap has been hit will be waitlisted.  We will admit additional attendees as we confirm availability of instructors, etc.

All attendees will be placed on "hold" status until prior experience is reviewed and verified. Payments will be processed upon signup.

Wait listed attendees:

Wait Listed attendees will not be charged until their spot is guaranteed(confirmed).  By remaining on the wait list, you are acknowledging that your card may be charged at any point to be confirmed for the event.  If you want to be removed from the wait list, you may cancel your registration and/or email the registrar before payment is processed.  Wait listed attendees will be admitted in the order of signing up.


Instructors - If you wish to instruct and have not done so with us before, please email to confirm.  Experience will be verified.

Final Notes:                                            

Registering for this event acknowledges agreement to comply with these rules set-forth above.

All Spectators and Participants must pre-register for this event. All experience listed WILL BE VERIFIED to ensure safe run group assignments.

Entries (27)

Winston Kirby
Jason Conklin
Nick Darocha
John Berninger
John Chrystal
Kevin Putman
Kevin Friss
Zachary Friss


Garysburg, NC
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