Sun, Sep 18, 2022

Try-A-Kart #8 Volunteer Workers - September 18

Strathmore Motorsports Park

About this event

Welcome to the CKRC Try-A-Kart Volunteer Registration Portal!


Event requirements

Volunteers Needed for our Try-A-Kart events

We need volunteers to fill the many positions required to run this important fund raiser.  

Although the Try-A-Kart volunteering experience may seem a little intimidating at first, you will be surprised at how smoothly things run and how much fun it can be for all the volunteers.

All volunteer training is done during the TAK Event.  Friends and family can also volunteer and help you work off your Refundable Volunteer Fee.

A brief description of the volunteer positions follows:

  1. Grid Marshal
  2. Safety apparel fitting
  3. Flagging
  4. Kart retrieval
  5. Mechanical support

If you have a strong preference for a particular job position, please contact the coordinator.

  • 2 Shifts will run:
  • Shift 1 - 7:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Shift 2 - Noon to 7:00PM
  • Some shifts may run a little later depending mostly on the weather.

Please make sure that your contact information on MotorSportReg is up to date and complete with an email address and a cell phone number.

The CKRC Try-A-Kart Coordinator reserves the right to set the final schedule or task assigned.

Also, use the above email address to contact the Coordinator for any special requests.

Attendees (23)

Brian Turner
Spencer Perreault
Daniel Hurtado
Craig Johnson
Denny Simon
Ken Venner
Eric Mullen
Jarrett Craig

Strathmore Motorsports Park

Strathmore, AB
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Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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Calgary Kart Racing Club

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