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Tue, Nov 1 - Sat, Dec 31, 2022

Track Packs 2023

Palmdale CA

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2023 Ticket Packs / Season Pass

Ride at any two (2) or four (4)  or all (ALL) TrackDaZ events in 2023 at a huge discount! You manage your own attendance at events though your account at

The 2023 ticket-pack is valid for the 2023 season only, and cannot be carried over to the 2024 season. It's easy to manage your attendance at events via your account here on, so it's up to you to make sure that you keep track of your pass use. We won't contact you to solicit use before the year's end.



**Season Pass is valid for ALL events on the schedule!**


Your attendance at events is subject to places being available when you select an event to attend! Passes are fully transferable to any rider under the original terms of use. 

Event requirements



Cancellations and Refunds:

Can't make the event and would like to cancel? How that's handled depends on how far in advance you let us know!

More than two weeks: more than two weeks from the event will result in a full refund(minus the credit card fee's). See the refund section on the requirements page for more information about how that will occur.
Less than two weeks: we do not accept cancellation requests for events that will occur within the next two weeks. You're on the hook for the spot.

If you cancel more than two weeks before the event then you're eligible for a full refund (minus the credit card fee's). How that refund occurs depends on a few factors, including how you originally paid us for your spot.

Credit card: If you paid by credit card within the last 90 days, we'll process a credit back onto your card. Unfortunately if the payment is more than 90 days old we do not have the ability to credit your card. For cancellation of a reservation more than 90 days old we will either issue you with a credit for you to use as payment against another event, or we will mail you a refund check. We'll discuss these options with you at the time of the cancellation.
Credit code: if you paid for your event with a credit code (a gift certificate or any other type of credit code) we'll issue a replacement code for you to use against a future event.
Check: if you paid by check or money order then we will either issue you with a credit code to use against payment for another event, or we will mail you a refund check.

Palmdale CA

Palmdale, CA


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