The Theology of Motor Oil with Lake Speed Jr. info on Jun 26, 2021 (637135) |

The Theology of Motor Oil with Lake Speed Jr.

The Theology of Motor Oil with Lake Speed Jr.

MBCA - Peachtree

Saturday, June 26, 2021
MBCA Peachtree Section, Marietta, GA

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Join us for a great Tech Talk video-teleconference (VTC) on Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 11 am Eastern Daylight Time.  Certified Tribologist Lake Speed Jr. will discuss motor oils in detail to help you determine what motor oil you should be using in your older Mercedes engine.  There are a lot of myths about motor oils and Lake will provide the facts and the science upon which it's based.  He was forced to learn about oils when he was working for Joe Gibbs Racing, and after losing an oil sponsor they went to an off the shelf oil.  Immediately, they started having cam failures when running newly rebuilt engines on the dyno.  This promopted them to "design" their own oil, and it provides lessons that Mercedes owners need to know to properly maintain older Mercedes. Of note, Lake's daily driver is a 1983 Mercedes 240D, so he also has a special interest in diesel engine oils. Lake is currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Total Seal Piston Rings.

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