Sat, Apr 9, 2016

Teen Car Control Clinic - April 9

Marina Airport

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The Golden Gate Chapter (GGC) of the BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) is pleased to announce a low-cost car control clinic oriented towards teen drivers. Licensed drivers ages 16 to 21 are eligible. This all-day clinic will be held at the Marina Airport in Marina, CA on Saturday, April 9th.

If the event is sold out when you register, please go ahead and sign up anyway. You will be automatically placed on the waiting list. We have set the initial student limit very conservatively, but will accommodate additional students in order of registration as more spaces open up due to cancellation or other reasons. Thanks for your understanding.

Before registering, please read the entire Student Packet  for important information and the required forms for the day of the clinic. Please also see the FAQs. The Teen Car Control Clinic is similar to our regular car control clinics, but oriented specifically towards teen drivers and safety. More information about our regular car control clinics can be found at the Car Control Clinic Overview.

Traditional driver’s ed classes for teenage and beginning drivers typically focus on driving regulations and some basic practices—primarily, the rules of driving. Our car control clinics are designed to teach skills to drivers.

For example, our material covers how to swerve around an obstacle, how to stay in control during a panic braking stop, how to improve the use vision for better anticipation. These skills are especially important for teen drivers to learn, given their limited experience behind the wheel—and can be life-saving knowledge. What could be more important than giving a teenage driver the knowledge and skills to be a better, safer driver?


Using their own cars, students will learn the hands-on physics of car control, pushing the limits of tire adhesion in a safe, controlled situation. A trained driving instructor accompanies each student to provide immediate feedback while students maneuver their cars through exercises laid out with orange rubber cones in a closed parking lot. ­ Exercises are designed to be fun, safe, challenging, and educational—and each exercise teaches specific skills.

All you need to attend is a valid driver’s license, and the registration fee (which includes lunch). You will also need to complete a Minor Waiver if you are under 18. Two-driver cars are allowed (two separately registered drivers sharing one car).


Helmets are not required for the clinic. If you wish to wear a helmet, it must meet the club’s helmet standards and must be inspected at check-in.

The April 9, 2016 Teen Car Control Clinic will be held at the Marina Airport in Marina, CA. Check-in for registered students opens at 8:00am. The event concludes at 5:30pm.

• Registration is ONLY open to drivers aged 16 to 21

• All registrants must have a valid driver’s license by the day of the clinic. Sorry, no learner’s permits.

• Registrants under the age of 18 MUST bring a completed minor waiver (or have a parent present to sign a waiver at the event).

• Two paid registrants can share the same car (same driving time as separate cars).

• No minivans, SUVs, or SAVs allowed (due to their high center of gravity).

$100 registration fee includes lunch (registration normally costs $160).

The BMW Car Club of America is a non-profit, volunteer based organization, comprised of car enthusiasts who enjoy the BMW marque. The club is not part of the BMW corporate structure, and ownership of a BMW is not required to be a member of the club. 

The Golden Gate Chapter of the BMW CCA is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is one of the largest chapters in the United States, with over 4000 members. The clinic programs are conducted entirely by volunteers who simply enjoy teaching better driving skills to other people. More information about BMW CCA and the Golden Gate Chapter can be found at and, respectively.

Our clinics are open to anyone wanting to learn more about enhancing their driver skills and understanding the capabilities of their cars. This program is structured for drivers without any formal performance driving experience. Our goal is to prepare you with a fundamental foundation of skills from which you can further develop your driving abilities. Each participant receives personalized instruction provided by experienced volunteer club Instructors. The level of instruction is tailored to fit the needs of each individual student.

If you have further questions please contact us at


Event requirements


Because space is limited, registration must be made in advance by filling out and submitting online. Each driver must register separately in their own name. Registration includes lunch. Only on-line credit card payment or electronic check will be accepted. You may not register at the event. The roster will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


When you create your account, please be sure to fill in your contact information completely in case we need to get in touch with you about your registration. Please also provide accurate emergency contact information.


If you are already a member of the BMW Car Club please remember to include your BMW CCA membership number.


“Two-driver” cars are allowed – two individuals, with separate paid registrations, may share one car instead of each person needing to drive their own car. 

Both drivers of a two-driver car will still enjoy the same amount of time on the exercises as individual registrants. Each person must register separately under their own name. If registering as a two-driver car, there is a field on the registration form to list the name of the other person that the car will be shared with. This information is important so that we can make sure to assign both people to the same group.

We allow any type of car that is in good running condition at our clinics. Cars do not have to be BMWs. We do not allow minivans, trucks, SUVs, or SAVs at the clinic due to their high center of gravity. We strongly recommend against bringing certain cars (typically hybrids/EVs such as older Toyota Prius models) to the clinic because their stability control systems intervene at relatively low levels and cannot be disabled. This severely limits the learning experience. Convertibles are allowed at the clinic. We reserve the right to reject any vehicle for safety reasons. If there is a question about the appropriateness of your vehicle, please contact us at

Technical inspections will be performed on all cars on the morning of the school. Please see the Tech Inspection Form in the Student Packet. These are the items we will inspect so be sure your car will pass. 

Common problems that can keep you from participating may include: loose batteries, loose wheel bearings, and a spongy brake pedal. If you have an older car or a car with high mileage, please check these before the clinic. Check that cold tire pressures match the manufacturer’s recommendations (sticker on the door jamb of the drivers door, or owners manual). Make sure your oil level is full.

Before registering, please read the entire Student Packet for important information and the required forms for the day of the clinic. Please also see the FAQs. The Teen/Family Car Control Clinic is similar to our regular car control clinics, but oriented specifically towards teen drivers and safety. Information about our regular car control clinics can be found at the Car Control Clinic Overview.

Each participant must register under their own name. 



Marina Airport

Marina, CA


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