Fri, Mar 18, 2022

Summit Point Comp License Prep School March 18th

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit

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Do you want an advantage?  Try preparation, skill development and practice. 

Experience the time honored techniques developed by Bill Scott, World Champion as taught by Summit Point Training Facility.

Preparation for the SCCA Competition School for Novice License including core car control skill development.  Features segment training for Summit Point Circuit in the famous Crown Vic Police Interceptors, Skid pad sessions and lapping sessions in your SCCA competition car.

Core Vehicle Control: Your day will include information about vehicle language, weight and traction transfer, the importance of proper eye location, body position, hand management, braking techniques and off-road recoveries.

Skid Pad: You will also be taught to identify over steer and under steer and how they are controlled by your traction management.  This is the path to efficient speed.

Technical Line Driving:  Practice and get coaching on Summit Point Circuit in a Crown Vic to perfect your line and practice technique.  Participate in Lead/Follow laps to warm up to the track in your car and gear.  Finish the day with laps using controlled passing areas.

Make sure you are ready for every SCCA school session on time, relaxed and ready to go!

Team and Car Preparation:  While doing your first lapping session your team or support can prepare your car and stage it on grid as will be required on Saturday and Sunday.  You will be able to have many of the steps worked out so you can be truly prepared to take advantage of the SCCA school.  During the on-track laps in your car you can settle in and get comfortable with your set up and be ready to be in-car as needed Saturday morning.

Schedule for Comp Prep School 3-18-2022

SCCA Tech and Friday Novice Class: You will already be in the paddock and ready for tech and the classroom session Friday evening.  A great way to be prepared and relaxed for your race school.

Registration is limited to the first 18 drivers.  Wait list will have top priority as spaces open.



Event requirements

Drivers should be registered for SCCA Competition School March 19 - 20.  Washington DC Region SCCA Racing School

Other drivers must have current Competition license or a valid Solo status with a recognised HPDE program.

Competition car prepared to SCCA class regulations.  Formula and Sports Racer classes included.  HPDE (FATT) ready cars acceptable. 

All cars will require self tech inspection and are expected to pass SCCA tech for SCCA school event if registered.

SCCA legal helmet and GRC required driver gear as ready for tech inspection for school. HPDE (FATT) drivers required to have helmet of SA2015 or higher rating.

This event will also provide practice for fielding a racecar.  Drivers must be accompanied by a crew member or members and associated support as needed for a competitive event. 

Entries (8)

Mike Kelley
Matti Vilkkila
Dennis Austin
Greg Haas

Summit Point - Summit Point Circuit

Summit Point, WV
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