Sat, May 18, 2013

Street Survival - staff ONLY

Iowa Speedway

About this event

Street Survival is a community service effort, aimed at teaching teen drivers much more about car control than they ever had the opportunity to see in Drivers' Education.
Our volunteers serve as in-car instructors, course workers, and other event staff.  Please come on out and give us a hand in helping teens to be better drivers!  The life you save may be one of theirs - or yours.

Event requirements

In-car instructors need to be approved by Chief Instructor Jeff Daly (  We are looking for people who are experienced autocrossers, high-performance track school advanced students or instructors, and racers - with the key requirement of being able to communicate effectively and concisely from the right seat while the student is in the middle of each training exercise.

There are no requirements for course workers and other event staff, other than a desire to come hlep on a great community service for teen driver safety!

Entries (36)

Ian Adams
Joe Tharpe
Jerrald Grogan II
Chris Riester
Kevin Wake
Lisa Mulbrook
Michael Jackson
David Johnson

Iowa Speedway

Newton, IA
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Car Control Clinic organized by

BMW CCA - Iowa Chapter

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