Sat, Jul 2, 2022

Spec Miata Oval Racing

Houston Motorsports Park

About this event

Time for you to go through your pile of scrub tires and get a set ready to play in…something a little different with the same car you already built. Time to do something a little different …. oval racing!
Welcome to round one of three.

Bring your Family, Friends, and Sponsors out.
We will be racing with the Gulf Cost Racing Association so there will be four other classes of cars racing! 
          Even ProTrucks at Houston Motor Sports park.  Grandstands and concessions will be open and at your service.

Below are some specific notes:
:Spec Miata Oval racing rules.
:Car rules
Current 2022 SCCA GCR SM Rules will be used!  Yes, video is required in all cars at all times.
    Contact has been at the top of everyone’s questions.   So we are going address it like this:
   In all practice and races we will have four spotters watching for unsportsmanlike conduct.  These issues when/if they arise will be handled by myself in a very swift and direct manner.

Friday practice day is critical for all of us!

Saturday Race day-Gates open at 12pm
     Track green for testing at 2pm
     Heat races Start at 5pm
     $250 entry fee
      ($150 Race & $100 to Series Purse)
     Pit passes $25

Event requirements

Need a Spec miata legal car!

    You know the rules, so do we.


      Lets RACE!!!

Houston Motorsports Park

Houston, Texas


Club Race organized by

Apex Auto Works

Event over!