Sat, May 14, 2022

Slip Angle Track Events at Streets

Streets of Willow Springs

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Welcome to Slip Angle Track Events! We will be running in the CLOCKWISE DIRECTION with a short break for lunch! At our events plentiful track time will be provided to learn some new techniques as well as focus on driving your car to, and sometimes beyond the limit in a controlled environment to make us better drivers both on and off the racetrack. What could be more fun?


Streets of willow is a great track for both the seasoned driver as well as beginners alike because it offers an unparalleled dynamic of both high speed chicanes, and slow sharp corners. Fast cars can be really fast, and lower horse power cars can really be hustled around this track to make for a great time.


Registration fee is $125. This track day is only for cars, no other vehicles will be allowed on the racetrack when hot.


There will be a total of 4 run groups with only 20 drivers per run group!

Advanced, Fast Intermediate, Slow Intermediate, Beginner. We will have at least 6 sessions per run group, possibly more!


When arriving to the racetrack, please be sure to bring a gate entrance fee of $20. Make sure to also stay hydrated and have water with you! Be ready to learn, and enjoy the day! 


We will have instructors on site available for ride alongs and instruction!

Event requirements

Please bring a safe running vehicle, have your vehicle inspection form completed (and actually do it please) as well as a good safe helmet.

Please make sure to have this tech inspection form filled out and bring it with you to the racetrack. It will be required when you check in at registration.

Tech Inspection form - Tech Inspection Form

Streets of Willow Springs

Rosamond, CA


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Slip Angle Track Events

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Streets of Willow Springs

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