Thu, May 8 - Fri, May 9, 2014

Sebring Track Day - Sponsored by CCR

Sebring Int'l Raceway

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Your are invited to the Track Days with CCR Forza Challenge at Sebring May 8-9, 2014

All makes welcome

You, Your Car, 1 track, 3.7 Miles, 2 days. 

The Challenge Club Ferrari Racing Series competing in the FORZA Challenge is coming to Sebring May 8-9, 2014. 

Come out and Drive your car on track and watch the Ferrari's battle it out for points on both days as they race to the finals at Homestead in October!

 The Series will be running Practice, Qualifying, and 2 Races throughout the 2 days. 

We will have an Advanced Run Group and Intermediate Run Group. 


 Track Time will be as follows:

Day 1 - (5) 30 minute Sessions for both Advanced & Intermediate

Day 2 - (4) 30 minute Sessions for both Advanced & Intermediate

Total Track time for each registration: 4.5 hours.

Event Fees

1 Day Entry: $299

2 Day Entry: $399 

Additional Driver: $149

Passengers: $25


Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be issued. Please understand the risk before registering, we cannot offer refunds.

Event requirements


Run Groups

Drivers are assigned to one of two run groups commensurate with their experience. Please select the run group that you have your most recent experience in, and be sure to update your driving history in the history file.

  • White drivers are considered Intermediate level drivers.  Holding 8+ track days at this track.  Knowledge of track rules and driver etiquette are mandatory.


  • Red run group is for VERY ADVANCED level drivers with significant experience and who have been driving in the advanced level groups for several years usually in the 35+ track day range for this track.

The event steward reserves the right to review your driving history and reassign your run group or remove your registration based on his review of your history. 


PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT BEFORE YOU REGISTER. It contains valuable information about the school, registration, and the rules of the day. Forms mentioned in this text are immediately available via the links.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver's license - no exceptions.
  • Convertibles (both soft and folding hardtop models), cars with removable tops, trucks, pickups, vans and SUVs are not permitted without roll bars . Lotus Elise and Corvettes with a targa roof are allowed, but Corvette convertibles are not.
  • Passengers - non-participant passengers are permitted with both groups. They must sign a waiver, receive a passenger wristband, and ay the $25 fee and be wearing a helmet.


Medical Information: Please complete the medical information form that will be kept on file for the on-site medical personnel in case of an emergency. Please fold the form in half, tape/staple and write your name on the outside for quick access. These forms are for emergency use only, and are shredded after the event. Separately from this form, you are required to inform us of any condition that might impair your ability to perform the tasks expected of a driver or that would impair your ability to exit the vehicle in case of an incident. If you are pregnant, we require the approval of your physician and that your spouse also sign a waiver.


Mandatory Vehicle InspectionSELF - technical inspection is required of all cars, and must be completed prior to the track day. This is to check the condition of your vehicle, especially the parts that will be critical for an event like this. Tech inspection forms must be downloaded from the forms page. Most safety equipment should be checked: tires, brakes, brake fluid, battery hold-downs, seat belts and more. If there is any doubt about the condition of your equipment, have it replaced. New tires are not required or necessarily recommended. The inspection can be completed by your mechanic (expect a charge) and should be done about 20-30 days before the event in case any issues are found that must be resolved. DO NOT PUT THIS OFF! History has shown that many drivers who wait until the last few days to have their car inspected usually find a major issue that can't be resolved before the event - resulting in cancellations and forfeited registration fees. It is also strongly recommended that your vehicle have a new set of brake pads and rotors that are in good condition as this track is high speed and very demanding on brakes and brake systems. If you wait until the last few days before the event and find that your car will not pass the technical inspection and you can't get it corrected in time, you may be subject to a significant cancellation penalty. Helmets and SafetySafety is our first priority. You should have your own driving helmet. You can use M-rated (motorcycle) or SA-rated (auto racing) helmets, but they must be certified SNELL 2005 or SNELL 2010 helmets only! If it is rated properly there will be a SNELL 2005 or SNELL 2010 sticker on the outside of the helmet, or on the inside (may be beneath or behind the padding). Be advised that many helmets have a DOT rating which will not be accepted unless it also has the SNELL 2005 (or newer) rating sticker on it. SNELL 2000 rated helmets are no longer valid. Everyone in the car must be belted and wearing a helmet at ALL TIMES.  Cars, and drivers judged to be operating in an unsafe manner will be removed from the track and no refunds will be given. No glass beverage containers are permitted at any time. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises while cars are on the track.


Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be issued. Please understand the risk before registering, we cannot offer refunds.

Entries (10)

Shon Craig
Chris Lavelle
Simon Youngman
Brian Degulis
Brian Brannon
Mario Parker
Carlos Pasquotto
Philip Parana

Sebring Int'l Raceway

Sebring, FL
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