Fri, Oct 30, 2020

SCCA NER 2020 Preferred #'s for autoX


About this event


This is NOT an autocross registration - This is only to reserve numbers for 2020.

Reserving a car class # at the start of the year lets others know that your class # is in use for the year. 

We do not prevent #'s from being picked or force you to have a single number.

If you register your class # here, and someone registers the same class # at an event during the year, this list helps me work it out with the other driver. You need to contact me if someone registers your class #. I'll move them. But only if you register your class # here so I can point out any class #'s spoken for.

Novices: sign up for this when you move to an open class and buy #'s and letters for your car.

This list does not limit you from registering any other car or class and you can change what you reserve here at any time.

Event requirements

This is  a reference list for member class #'s.

In case the reg list fails to show an unused # you want that is in this list, send a note to the registration chief and your class # can be manually added.

Pick a class, and if you run in PRO use the modifier to set the base class of your car.

Click "Continue"  to register  or Click the registration list link (upper right in this form) to see what #s our members already use.

Attendees (81)

Donald Allen
Benson Tai
Eliot Shanabrook
Charlie Thompson
Marc Monnar
Dana Nicgorski Sr.
Dana Nicgorski
Jim Remy


pepperell, ma


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SCCA - New England Region - Solo

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