Tue, May 11, 2021

RSR Waterford Hills Beginner's Driver's Ed May 11

Waterford Hills

About this event

The 2021 driving season has arrived!

SORRY to say but this event is CLOSED!  All spots are full.  Please contact the registrar -- see below -- to be put on a waiting list.

PCA's Rally Sport Region is offering a special program for low or no experience drivers-ALL DRIVERS, 18 YEARS AND OLDER, ARE WELCOME! 

PCA's Rally Sport Region and its team of nationally recognized instructors will conduct a driver's education event at the technically challenging and newly repaved 1.4 mile Waterford Hills road course. Come out and take part in this special Beginner's Day event and see how enjoyable a driver’s education event at Waterford Hills can be! 

All drivers will be placed in run groups based on experience. If you are a beginner you will be on the track with other beginners and an instructor will be with you in the car. More experienced drivers will be placed accordingly.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Due to the continuing COVID pandemic we will not be doing 100% in-car instructing. Depending on any federal, state or local restrictions in-place on May 11th and for the safety of our instructors & students we will be following PCA's Lead/Follow protocol where a "pod" consisting of an instructor in his/her car plus 1 student following in his/her car to learn the proper line, braking points, etc. around the track.  But, if regulations loosen plus both the student and instructor have completed full COVID vaccination process and feel safe together we will be doing in-car novice instruction in our yellow group.  Lead/Follow students will NOT be intermixed with in-car instruction students.

BREAKING NEWS #2: Thanks for keeping up with the fluidity of the situation!
Instead of a Zoom meeting for the Green (Novice) group there will be hand-outs emailed regarding Lead-Follow.  Please PLEASE PLEASE read them before the event.  Green classroom will be in-person at the track socially distanced with masks in the classroom or under the pavilion. Questions about the Lead-Follow hand-outs can be asked there.

Green group will be a Lead-Follow group only. Due to the updated CDC guidelines allowing vaccinated individuals together in close quarters, we will now be allowing in-car instruction for students with proof of vaccinations.  Instructors paired with in-car students will also require proof of vaccination.  Please email a picture/scan of your proof of vaccination card to the registrar (Charlie @ registrar.rsr@gmail.com) before you arrive at the track if you wish to sign up for in-car instruction! In-car instruction will be held in the Yellow run group. Blue and Red run groups will be run as normal. No
ride-alongs in Blue or Red groups unless both individuals have proof of vaccinations. 

If you do not feel comfortable Emailing your proof, give Charlie your best "blood oath" and/or Boy Scout honor pledge and I will check the box.  But, PLEASE bring your proofs -- copy on your smartphone is OK -- to the Registration table.

We will be doing non-contact temp checks at Registration. 

SCHEDULE: Gates open at 7:30 AM. Registration opens at 8:00 AM, depending on traffic for the Registrar. Please bring your driver's license, completed technical inspection form, and helmet to registration. You will be asked to sign the Track Waivers and PCA Waivers (if you didn't sign the E-waivers) and then you will be given your packet which will have the schedule of the day and the numbers to put on your car window.  MANDATORY DRIVER'S MEETING will be held at 8:40 AM in the paddock. Your Instructor will do a final tech inspection in the Paddock.

Come on out to the track May 11th whether it is your first driving event or one of many.

PCA Members: $145 early bird registration (on or before May 1st)
Non PCA Members: $175 early bird registration (on or before May 1st)
Please note: Registration will increase in price by $50 after May 1st.

Tech Inspection form is posted below and on the the club website. 


              RSP PCA 2021 Tech Form

NOTE: this tech form says NO SA2010 helmets -- they are OK for this event!

If you have questions concerning this event, please contact one of event team members listed below:
* Chief Instructor: Phil Mather; philmatherracing@gmail.com or 734-476-0617
* Event Chair: Kevin Kral; kevinjkral@gmail.com or 630-795-9924
* Registrar: Charlie Brown III; registrar.rsr@gmail.com or 734-358-2393


Event requirements

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Please contact registrar for wait list. 

Event requirements:

  • Pre-registration is mandatory
  • NEW FOR 2021Helmet should be Snell SA2015 or SA2020, but due to late-arrivals of new helmets SA2010 helmets will be allowed for this event. Motorcycle helmets are not allowed in any group. Current loaner helmets are available in limited numbers for Green group only, see below. 
  • Minimum 3 point seat belts. Driver’s and passenger’s must be equivalent. 
  • IMPORTANT RULE FOR 2020 and beyond: Driver and passenger must wear a HANS device (or equivalent) in any vehicle equipped with 5-, 6- or 7-point harnesses.
  • Driver(s) must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Long sleeve cotton shirt, cotton pants, and leather or canvas shoes must have rubber soles.
  • Annual Tech inspection form must be completed prior to arrival at the track. Suggest at least one week prior to allow time for any fixes required.
  • Open cars must have a roll bar and pass the "broomstick test."
  • NOTE: if you damage any track facilities -- e.g., Armco or concrete barriers, buildings, fencing, corner stations, picnic tables -- you are financially responsible for repairs or replacements per track policies.

Please Note: Continental breakfast, cold drinks, and lunch are provided  Fuel will not be available at the track, but is available less than a mile away on Dixie Hwy.

COVID UPDATE: we will be doing quick COVID checks during Registration so PLEASE don't be late.  We will have additional help during registration to do:

  • Non-contact temp checks
  • If you've fully or partially completed your COVID vaccination process PLEASE bring your "report card" or a picture on your phone thereof.
  • PLEASE stay 6 feet apart while waiting for Registration process
  • PLEASE wear a mask during the Registration process

Loaner/Rental Helmet Policy: Helmets are "loaned" to Green Group drivers only for a maximum of 4 events, cumulatively.  Loaner helmets MUST be returned at the end of the event.  Don't make me hunt you down!!  After the 4th loan the club reserves the right to "rent" the helmet to the driver for $35/event. Loaners will be tracked effective this year, and will carryover to future years.
     P.S. All loaner helmets are SA2015 or SA2020 and all have HANS anchors.

NEW FOR 2021: we are introducing electronically signed waivers. When you receive your confirmation E-mail from MotorsportReg it will contain a link for the E-waivers. Once you click that link you will receive a text on your cell phone to initiate the process. Please make sure you sign both -- they appear sequentially. This link covers both PCA Waivers:
   * PCA Release and Waiver of Liability
   * PCA Communicable Disease Waiver
This is our new process to eliminate stacks of paper & handling/long-term storage of waivers.
Breaking news: Minor Waivers are now an electronic option in the SpeedWaiver below!!

Entries (76)

Mark Hopkins
Shea Burns
Mathias Huber
Thomas Krueger
Irina Heilig
Andrew Sasyk
Miles Townsend
Danny Young

Waterford Hills

Clarkston, MI
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