Sun, Dec 9, 2018

Ross Bentley Seminar Sponsored by White Mountain

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About this event

The WHITE MOUNTAIN CHAPTER BMW CCA is proud to announce a special event bringing together Ross Bentley and Matt Romanowski to share their experience and knowledge in an informational and entertaining seminar

Tune the car, Tune the driver - with Ross Bentley from

Speed Secrets


Matt Romanowski

Sunday, December 9th

9:30 am – 4 pm

Location: Image 4 Conference Room - 7 Perimeter Road, Manchester, NH

Fee: 25.00 pp, (lunch will be provided)

 Morning Session:
The Mental Game of Driving/
Inner Speed Secrets for Performance Drivers
What’s really driving your car? Your brain, right? Understanding how your mind works, and
what specific strategies you can use to improve your mental performance is the purpose of this
seminar –
Topics include:
• • The zone
• • Performance strategies
• • Performance Model
• • 3 keys to improving your mental performance
• • Input - Sensory input
• • Processing - Brain integration
• • Programming - Mental imagery
• • State of mind
• • Belief system
• • Learning
• • Driving the limit


Lunch Session:

Presentation by Matt Romanowski

AIM Workshop - Data Acquisition


 Afternoon Session:
Vehicle Dynamics; the physics game of driving
Vehicle Dynamics
Vehicle dynamics is a tricky subject. But when it’s presented in an easy-to-understand manner -
as Ross does – it can make the difference between being a quick and safe driver or a slow, notso-
safe one. It can also help participants understand when to tune their cars, and when to tune
their driving. Topics include:
• • Basic vehicle dynamics
• • Slip angle
• • Traction circle
• • Controls
• • Trail Braking
• • Roll stiffness
• • Springs, Anti-roll bars & Shock absorbers
• • Tires
• • Improving your sensitivity to handling problems
• • Tuning vs. adapting your driving

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Seminar/Meeting organized by

BMW CCA - White Mountain Chapter

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