Sat, Sep 4 - Sun, Sep 5, 2021

RMC BMW CCA Fall Driving School

High Plains Raceway

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The Rocky Mountain Chapter BMW CCA is pleased to present our Fall Performance Driving School. This school provides a unique opportunity for you to drive your car at speed and to experience the thrill of becoming one with your car. The school is open to all current BMW CCA members 18 and over with a valid driver’s license.


This High Performance Driving School will give you the opportunity to drive your car at speed and to experience the potential of the unique combination of car and driver. It is safe, demanding, and most importantly FUN! All students will alternate between classroom sessions and time on the track with an instructor. The individualized instruction is a key to this program that has been developed over decades, and compares very favorably with commercial schools costing many times more. Our experienced instructors have come from racing, autocrossing, and BMW CCA driving schools.

The Fall School will be a 2-day event at High Plains Raceway.



The following policy has been adopted by the BMW CCA National Board of Directors regarding ALL driving events/programs:


  • Vaccination is NOT required to attend the Driving School
  • Vaccination is NOT required for In-Car Instruction
  • Masks are recommended, but NOT required, when inside (vehicles, classroom, etc.)
  • You are free to set your own In-Car mask policy


Classroom instruction will be delivered both by Zoom conference before the School, and by socially-distanced outdoor sessions at the event.

Helmet rental is back!!!


NEW for Fall 2021: BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School

We will not have a TT group with the Fall School, but we will have a 2 day BimmerWorld BMW Club Racing School instead!

This is a 2 day school with classroom and 4 driving sessions each day.  You can use your driving school car or a race prepped car for this event.  We want advanced A-students, A-Solo students, and instructors to participate. There will be a vetting process to make sure all participants have the driving skills and situational awareness to drive solo in this rungroup. Signing up for this rungroup does not guarantee a spot at this event.  You are required to be a member of BMWCCA for this event.

Please note that this is designed to be an immersive and intensive racing school.  You will either be in the classroom or on track about 95% of the day, so please do not sign up to Volunteer or Instruct in addition to the Club Racing School.

More information and sign up for the Racing School is located here:


Volunteers (non-instructors):  We are looking for people to help out with grid, check-in, and other duties. If you're interested, you can sign up right here.

Volunteer Incentive

Volunteers (non-instructors) will receive a free lunch and 50 Bimmerbucks for each day of service.

Bimmerbucks can be redeemed toward entry fees for club driving events:

200 Bucks - Free entry into one day of RMC BMW CCA Driving School or Time Trials
100 Bucks - 50% off one-day entry fee for Driving School or Time Trials
50 Bucks - 25% off one-day entry fee for Driving School or Time Trials
50 Bucks - Free entry to an autocross event

Bimmerbucks are valid for 5 years from the year of issue, and are transferrable. If you've been trying to convince a friend, family member, significant other, or coworker that is thinking of trying out one of our events, applying a few Bimmerbucks might swing their decision!


This is a 2-day school. You may sign up for Saturday, Sunday, or both days.
Early Bird Discount: Sign up by August 2nd to receive $25 off the prices below.

Event One Day Both Days
Driving School - Per Driver $245 $399
Early-Bird Discount (available through August 2nd) -$25 -$50
Late-Registration Fee (after August 21th) $100 $200
Helmet rental $15 $30


The schedule is posted HERE.  Please print your own copy!

A track map is available HERE.

Student Run Groups

Students are assigned to one of four Run Groups (A, B, C or D) commensurate with their experience. D is for beginners, and A is the most advanced run group. The groupings are based on relative pace and are intended to minimize the speed disparity within each group. Therefore, a student may be assigned to one group higher or lower than they were at a previous school. Look for your run group when you get your schedule to see when and where you need to be during the day.

A-Solo Run Group

Experienced A-group drivers have the option to drive in A-Solo Run Group with the approval of the Chief Instructor. Please contact the Chief Instructor at for approval before registering.

Open Lapping Friday

High Plains Raceway will be holding an open lapping day the Friday before the school. We encourage experienced drivers to come out and refamiliarize with the track. You can register through HPR's event on

Accommodations Near The Track

There is one hotel in Byers, approximately 20 minutes to High Plains Raceway (FYI: the speed limit between Byers and HPR is 65 mph and is strictly enforced).

Budget Host Longhorn Motel.  Price for BMW Driving School attendees is $77.45 per night.  Call 303-822-5205 and make sure you mention that you are with The BMW Club.

You can also camp at the track on Friday and Saturday night free of charge. HPR has showers and flush toilets.

If you want more upscale accommodations, finding a hotel near DIA is your best bet. It is a 45-minute drive from HPR to DIA.

Event requirements

Important Information

Volunteers (non-instructors):

Volunteers are not required to be a BMW CCA member, but we do need you to sign up!


Students must be a BMW CCA member to register. To join, go to or call 800-878-9292, then come back and register for this event.
Before you register, please read the Driving School Guide. You are responsible for understanding and complying with the information in this guide.

Car Number Guidelines

  1. All drivers are responsible for providing and placing their assigned number and Run Group (A, B, C, or D) on their cars
  2. Numbers must be at least 6" tall, with a 1" stroke
  3. Run group letter must be at least 4" tall
  4. Numbers and class letters must have sufficient contrast to be easily legible from 50 feet when the car is at speed
  5. Numbers and class letters must be placed on both sides of the car
  6. A-Solo drivers must use "AS" for their run group letters
  7. Instructors must use "i" for their run group letter

You will be prompted to enter your car number when you register. This number will be assigned to you for this school. Numbers are assigned first-come, first served. In the event of a conflict, the second driver will be asked to modify their number to something unique in their run group.

You may choose to purchase magnetic or vinyl numbers, or you can make your own with masking tape or printed on paper. As long as the numbers and class letters meet the guidelines above, you're good to go.


If you are wait-listed, please continue your preparations (for example, tech inspection) as if you were registered for the school. We often have last-minute student cancellations and instructor signups, so there is a very good chance that you will get in.


Bimmerbucks are a way for RMC BMW CCA members to earn club credit and be rewarded for various tasks.  You can find more information about them on our website at  If you have Bimmerbucks that you would like to redeem, you can do so at the following rate:

  • 200 Bimmerbucks – Free entry into one day of RMC BMW CCA Driving School
  • 100 Bimmerbucks – 50% off one-day entry fee for Driving School
  • 50 Bimmerbucks – 25% off one-day entry fee for Driving School

In order to redeem your Bimmerbucks, please follow these steps:

  • A photo of the Bimmerbucks must be sent to the registrar ( for 'notice of use' prior to the event. Your request needs to include the event and date.
  • When you check in for the Driving School, the physical Bimmerbucks must be presented to the check in staff.  If physical BBs are not presented by the start of the event, the full price of registration will be charged to the card on file.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations must be done by emailing the Driving School Registrar (
  • Cancellations received on or after August 18th will be charged a fee of $50 per person, per school day, if we cannot fill your slot with a person from the waitlist.
  • No refunds will be given after August 30th.


Please contact Registrar Leslie Jenkins at with any registration questions.
Please contact Chief Instructors Andrew Colfelt and Friso Schlottau at with questions about run group assignments, instructor requests, and other student-related questions.
For all other questions, please contact Driving School Chair, Matt Johnson at


High Plains Raceway

Deer Trail, CO
Download track map
Download track map
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Watch a video tour/lap


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