Sat, Jan 14, 2023

Rhode Island Grand Prix

R1 Indoor Karting

About this event

Rental Go-Kart Championship Race at R1 Indoor Karting in Lincoln, Rhode Island

Check in starts at 12pm.

The first session will begin at 1 pm

3-4 sessions included: Practice/Qualifying, Sprint Race, Feature Race

Go-karts used will be rental karts with BIZ Karts and wrap around bumpers

We will provide weight ballasts for those under the weight minimum. The weight minimum is 200lbs with all your gear.

Event requirements


Age: Driver must be allowed to drive the adult rental karts at the track. Please contact R1 about their age requirements if you are under 16 years old

Clothing: Closed toe'd shoes and helmets are required and may be rented from the track. Suits and gloves are not mandatory but are encouraged.

Driver Skill: Driver must show acceptable pace and the ability race cleanly and safely during the practice/quali session before moving onto the race sessions. Acceptable pace will be within 2 seconds of the average pace of the field. If the Driver shows they are unable to race safely and cleanly or does not meet the pace requirements they are subject to suspension from the remaining races and potentially all TKC events. Acceptable pace will take into account the variation in kart performance.

No one under the influence of alcohol or impairing drugs, legal or otherwise, will be allowed to drive. 

Entries (17)

Rj Marcotte
Raman Yaroma
Wyatt Smith
Dylan Benson
Alex Smith
Rishav Khosla
Stephen Yablonski
Brandon Devine

R1 Indoor Karting

Lincoln, RI


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Touring Kart Championship

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