Wed, Apr 27 - Thu, Apr 28, 2022

Rezoom Motorsports - VIR

Virginia International Raceway

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Rezoom Motorsports will be hosting a performance driving experience at Virginia International Raceway, April 27-28 (Wednesday and Thursday) 2022 .  This event is offered to intermediate (solo) and advanced (solo) drivers exclusively.  The event is offered for both Wednesday and Thursday or for either day.  The event structure will consist of an advanced run group and an intermediate run group.  Each group will be limited to 30 cars.  

Registration fee is $525 for both days. 

Registration fee for a single day is $400.

Thirty minute run sessions - 4 sessions (minimum) per day. 

No CHUMP or LEMONS cars.

No junk.

No open wheel cars.

Passengers will be allowed to ride along - Passenger registration will be done at the track during the event weekend.

Event requirements


  1. Must have Snell SA2015 or newer helmet.
  2. Must have long sleeve shirt and pants (subject to change depending track rules).
  3. Non PCA members OK.
  4. Track Concessions open.
  5. If the online system doesn't work for you, contact or txt 423-817-8097

No drivers under the age of 17 will be allowed on track.  You must have a helmet certified Snell AUTOMOTIVE 2015 or newer.  NO MOTORCYCLE HELMETS.  Your helmet will be checked due to insurance regulations.  We do not lend or rent helmets.

Passengers are welcome to ride along after they are registered.  Registration for passengers will be done at the event.

Your car must be inspected; have your authorized shop/dealer and/or qualified person (if this is you - we are OK with that) use the pre-tech form.  We accept similar tech forms from recognized car clubs such as PCA, Audi, Ferrari etc. 

No CHUMP or LeMons cars.

If you have any questions, contact Greg Miller,

flag image Caution, danger ahead (yellow)

flag image Oil on track (red and yellow vertical stripes, 5 red, 4 yellow)

flag image Must call in at pit (black)

flag image Race must stop (Red)

flag image Let faster driver overtake (Blue)

flag image Ambulance or other official vehicle on track (white)


We look forward to seeing you at the track!!!

Virginia International Raceway

Alton, VA
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