Sun, Aug 13, 2017

Charity Track Day

Autobahn Country Club

About this event

Non-Profit, Lemons of Love is hosting an inaugural Track Day for YOU! If you haven’t driven at a track day before, this is your chance to take your street car (no trucks or sports utility vehicles) on the fast and exhilarating track at Autobahn Country Club!

We’ll be driving on the Autobahn South Course – a 2.06-mile circuit with fifteen turns and a few fairly long straights designed to test your abilities. There will be three run groups divided by experience: novice (0-2 track days), intermediate (3-5 track days), and advanced (6+ track days). Each run group is scheduled to have five 20-minute sessions; the schedule may be adjusted in response to changing conditions. **5TH SESSION JUST ADDED!

**** Unless specifically authorized by the Chief Steward, passengers are not allowed in a vehicle! This excludes pace laps and Hot Laps**** (all passengers for hot laps and touring laps MUST sign the waiver) The 20 minute sessions are you, in your car, on track.  The HOT LAPS are a purchasable RIDE at the track in which you get to ride with a pro driver with a pre-chosen car (Must be 18 years or older). Touring laps are considered pace laps which cars tour behind a pace car at Highway speeds. No equipment (helmet) is required and passengers may ride with anyone in attendance. All passengers must be over 18 and sign the waivers.

The pre-registration fee is $300 and same day registration fee at the track is $350.  Anyone running the track day will get a free t-shirt! There is a $10 entry fee for any family and friends that would like to join you this day! This $10 only includes track entry. *Kids 12 and under get in free!

The $300 (or $350) fee includes lunch for one and you guessed it, TRACK TIME! 

Check-in on event day begins at 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. There is a mandatory drivers meeting at 8:30 a.m., and on-track activities start at 9:05 a.m.

Run group assignments are made by staff after you register. Please provide information about any autocross and non-Autobahn track driving experience so you can be assigned to the correct run group.

The goal is for you to have fun with your car and become a better driver. We hope you’ll be there! Check out our event poster with more details below:


Lemons of Love:

Lemons of Love (LOL) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization founded by Jill Swanson Peltier, a cancer fighter and owner of Fresh Air Systems Technologies (F.A.S.T) in Des Plaines, IL. She created LOL after being diagnosed with stage III colon cancer and going through chemotherapy in 2014. ‘Lemons of Love’ is based on the well-known expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” but with a twist, “When life gives you lemons – share some love”

Lemons of Love, Inc. delivers Chemo Care Packages to patients undergoing chemotherapy at local hospitals and also sends them to cancer patients nationwide.  The Lemons of Love Chemo Care Packages are delivered in the form of care bags that are hand made by volunteers and contain special products that were essential in Jill's healing during her own cancer treatments.  




Event requirements


This Level I Time Trial (PDX), Sanction No. 17-TDPDX-5187-S, 08/13/2017 at Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL, South Track is a charity event for Lemons of Love organized by the Autobahn Country Club, and will be held under the current SCCA Time Trial Rules and official updates, except as modified by these Supplemental Regulations. Please read full rule set at:

Organizers: Chicago Region, Sports Car Club of America, Inc.,
921 Lawn Circle
Western Springs, IL 60558-2262

Chief Steward: George Laws                Safety Steward: Rick Bentson
Chief Registrar: Erik VanDerMey          Chief Driving Instructor: Jim Marinangel

Registration information

          The registrar for this event is: Erik Van Der Mey
                                                            921 Lawn Circle
                                                            Western Springs, IL 60558-2262

Entry fees: 
          Pre-registered            At the Track       
               $300                         $350                      

Pertinent dates for this event (all dates 2017):
Opening date for receipt of entries          12:01 AM CDT—June 18
Early discount fee expires                       11:59 PM CDT – June 25
Online registration closes                         11:59 PM CDT – Aug 11

Cancellation fee is $10 until 11:59 PM CDT Aug 11; after that time, the cancellation fee is $50.

Entry fee will not be refunded after 11:59 PM CDT, Aug 11; instead it will be credited toward future PDX events.

                       Registration and technical inspection     TBD
                       Mandatory Drivers meeting                    TBD
                       On track activities commence                TBD
                       De-Brief and summary session              after Checkered Flag

This is a Level 1 Time Trial Event. All drivers must be 16 years of age and possess a current valid driver's license issued by his or her state of residence. Drivers under 18 must have a Minor Waiver on file. 

Registration for this event is online only at  Emails will not be accepted as entries. If you cannot register online, contact the registrar for a printable form. Fill out the entire form and mail it with your payment by check to the registrar.

All drivers need to present a completed tech sheet and your helmet to registration at the event. Once the tech sheet is certified, you will be given a "Car number sticker" to place on your vehicle's windshield. This car number sticker will allow you to get on the track. NOVICE DRIVERS: You will need to present your tech sheet and your car to the technical inspector.

  • Drivers may be held responsible for damages to property, including track and environmental damage.
  • When entering the track from the pits, drivers must keep their cars to the left of the blend line until it ends.  When leaving the pits, scrubbing of tires is not permitted until past the end of the blend line.
  • All convertibles must have a factory recognized roll over structure or SCCA GCR legal rollover protection, unless pre-approved prior to the event.
  • All participants must have a Snell M-2005 or better helmet. Loaner helmets may be available at the event.
  • PDX groupings and speed limits will be determined by the Chief Driving Instructor.

Below are the Autobahn Country Club track rules. They are considered part of these supplementary regulations and are enforceable as such.

Facilities Rules and Regulations.

Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to impose certain rules and regulations for the Circuit, and Lessee agrees to enforce these rules and regulations throughout the duration of the Event. These rules and regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Road Course Access. Under no circumstances shall any Participant access the road course in any vehicle unless specifically authorized by, and under the control of, Lessee as part of the Event activities. Unauthorized driving shall be considered grounds for removal of the driver and the vehicle from the premises for the entire Event and for the driver’s exclusion from future events.

(b) Alcoholic Beverages. No alcoholic beverages may be brought on site without the written consent of Autobahn Circuit. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the pit or main paddock areas until 30 minutes after the end of the final event of each day. Lessee and its Participants (and families or guests) shall comply with all state and local liquor laws.

(c) Minibikes, Dirt Bikes and Four Wheelers. The use of unlicensed vehicles such as minibikes, four-wheelers and dirt bikes shall be restricted to their use as service vehicles for competitors and shall only be used in the paddock area. Only licensed drivers shall use such vehicles. Children are specifically forbidden to ride such vehicles in the paddock or in any of the public areas. Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to further restrict the use of these vehicles if, in the sole discretion of Autobahn Circuit, such use is in any way a danger or annoyance to other persons. No vehicles shall be ridden or driven by any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to remove any person who is in violation of this rule from the premises for the duration of the Event and to forbid their attendance at future events.

(d) Pets. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times, and all pet waste must be removed and disposed of.

(e) Times of Operation. Unless otherwise noted, the operational hours for the Circuit will be as follows: As noted in schedule.

 (f) Quiet Periods. No racing or unmuffled engines may be run outside of the designated times as noted in Section 19(e).

(g) Campfires. No campfires will be allowed at the Circuit.

(h) Minors and Children. All minors and children must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.

(i) Electricity and RV Hook-up. Participants (and families or guests) are prohibited from using any Circuit electrical and waste hook-up facilities unless consented to by Autobahn Circuit, and the use of such facilities may be subject to a separate fee.

(j) Additional Regulations. Autobahn Circuit reserves the right to impose additional rules and regulations at any time. Such additional rules and regulations shall be provided in writing to Lessee who shall consider them to be part of this Agreement.

Entries (32)

Rick Seitz
Vaughn West
Adam Sargis
Tom Plaza
Kevin Lenkart
Alan Blockhaus
Daniel Triozzi
Daniel Guenther

Autobahn Country Club

Joliet, IL
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