Sun, Apr 4, 2021

Project Seat Time Presented By Nankang Motorsport

NCM Motorsport Park

About this event

Preparing for Gridlife NCM or shakedown for new season? This is the event for you. 

An event hosted by racers, with maximum track time & minimum traffic in mind. Come and have a good time, and try not to break your cars.

BIG Thanks to our supporter Nankang Motorsport for making this event possible! 

[More Information will be added in the next few weeks. For any immediate questions, please email]

Intermediate & Advanced drivers only. Beginner-level drivers will be accepted by approval based on experince only. 

60 driver limit, three run groups. Ride-alongs are allowed for pre-approved instructors only.

  • Advanced 1: Opening Passing, point-by not required but preferred. Competition License Required (SCCA TT, GLTC-approved, etc)
  • Advanced 2: Opening passing, point-by Only.
  • Intermediate: Straight-line point-by passing only.

Provisonal schedule: SCHEDULE.pdf

Tech Form: Work In Progress

All drivers would receive a one-time Nankang Motorsport 15%-off Tire Coupon, to be redeemed when purchasing one set of Nankang Motorsport tires through PhD Racing Lab only. For more information, please email

Registration fee: 300$ per driver

NOISE LIMIT: 103 DB @ 50 FT. Please prepare well ahead of time.

Safety: Helmets Require, SA2010 or newer. Long pants (it's gonna be April and probably chilly you should wear long pants anyway), closed-toe shoes only. Race suit recommended for everyone but even more so in Advanced 1. 


  • Pets are allowed in the pits, but not on track. Please. We'll get sued for animal cruelty.
  • ZERO alcohol allowed. Ethanol fuel for Vehicle is allowed. Just don't drink that. 
  • Paddock speed limit is 15 MPH, strictly enforced. 
  • If you have a problem with another driver, please speak to us first. 
  • Oil Clean ups will by charged by oil dry material to the driver who caused the spill, $10 per bag.


Event requirements

Bring your own helmet, open to intermediate to advanced level drivers only. Beginner-level drivers will be accpeted by approval only. 

NCM Motorsport Park

Bowling Green, KY
Download track map
Download track map


Open Track organized by

PhD Racing Lab

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