Fri, Feb 19 - Fri, Dec 31, 2021

Pro 6 GP & CSBK Membership 2021

Calabogie Motorsports Park

About this event

Event requirements

Motorcycle racing is dangerous. Every competitor assumes by their participation responsibility for all risks of competition, including injury or death. Every competitor assumes by their participation the responsibility and obligation to assess the safety aspects of facilities and individual conditions and must assume all risks of competition, including injury or death

All applicants must read the Pro 6 GP 2021 rule book and the CSBK rule book

All applicants under the age of 18 must have authorization from parents or legal guardian and complete all neccessary secondary documentaion before membership will be granted. Minimum participation age for the Pro 6 GP is 14 years old. 

All membership applicants will be left in a pending status until administrative approval. 
All NEW competitors are required to have:
- Successfully completed a recognized race school (Pro6 TRAC, SOAR, ASM, EMRA, FAST, MotoNation, SofARL, RACE.) and provide proof of completion 
- Successfully complete one regional level race prior to competing in a National (for example, Pro6GP rnd#1 prior to Grand Bend CSBK Round)
- Minimum 1 Calabogie trackday with orientation OR Pro6 TRAC School OR Pro6 licensing event prior to your 2021 membership being approved. 

Calabogie Motorsports Park

Calabogie, ON
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Download track map


Membership organized by

Pro6 Cycle Inc

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