Mon, May 16, 2022

VCMC 2022 Track Day #2 - Area 27 - May 16th 2022

Area 27

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Join us on Monday May 16th, 2022 for the VCMC Track Day #2 at Area 27; a 16-turn, 4.83 km long permanent road racing circuit.

VCMC continues to offer great value to track day participants by providing tons of seat time, and professional track marshals to keep the event safe, fun, and efficient.    


Our track events are open to drivers of various experience levels. Drivers are grouped by experience to ensure that all the drivers and vehicles in each session are evenly matched.

If you are new to track lapping and want to attend we will require you to register and complete one of our Mission lapping days PRIOR to this event and become signed off to drive solo.  If you have not driven with VCMC before, exceptions can be made with proof of experience.  Prior track experience is MANDATORY for this event as instruction is not provided or sanctioned.

Lapping groups will fall into 4 categories.  Relaxed, Intermediate, Advanced, and Area 27 First Timer.  If you have never run the track at Area 27 before then you will need to enter in the First Timer group and run with the Area 27 approved pace car for the day.  This pace car will most likely never be in your way, they are on track to evaluate and keep everyone safe.  The other groups will not be paced but do require prior experience at Area 27.  Exceptions for the first timer group can be made to those with proof of a valid race license or accredited performance driving school certificate.


Entry Fee

  • $450 CAD

*Membership is included. You automatically become a member when you register and attend an event.

Your entry fee does not include lunch.  We are arranging to have on site catering and the club house for eating, viewing and relaxing.  Please support the on site food vendor as they are coming to the event at no cost to the club to keep our entry fees low.

The track day event will be limited to a maximum of 60 paid participants plus event organizers.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have and discuss our track day program on our club forum or our Facebook group.

There is no partnered hotel list for this year, we recommend you book early as the closer to the date we get, the less availability there will be.

Event requirements


Entry Fee

  • $450

*VCMC Membership is included. You automatically become a member when you register and attend an event.

You will be placed onto the waitlist immediately after registering.  Do not worry, as this is just to verify your experience before approving your entry.  If you have not been moved off the waitlist after 24 hours please contact us to find out the status of your registration.

All registrations must be accompanied by electronic payment. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from using the credit card option on, please contact our Track Day Director to arrange for an alternative payment method.

The track day event will be limited to a maximum of 60 paid participants (tentatively) plus event coordinators

Area 27 has a strict 3 day attendance limit for non-members. VCMC will not be giving refunds if you are restricted access to this event because you have already been on the track 3 or more times this year.

Driver Experience
Please describe your high performance driving experience under your Driver Information Profile.  Failure to do this may result in you getting denied registration for the event.

Vehicle Requirements
Vehicles must undergo a
 compliance check at the track before being permitted to run. This is not a full mechanical inspection. It is ultimately the driver's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is safe and meets all of the requirements.
Convertibles: All soft top convertible vehicles are ineligible to participate unless they are equipped with aftermarket roll protection and pass the "broomstick test".  Factory roll hoops do not count as approved roll protection.  Factory hard top vehicles (including retractable hard tops) are eligible to participate but the top must remain closed at all times while on track.
Sport Racers: Sport racers or any low sitting purpose built race cars are not eligible to run with the street cars at our events due to safety concerns.

Tech check includes:
-Brakes (min. 50% all around), pedal firm and not soft
-Steering components tight
-Suspension components nothing loose (Ball-joint, bushings)
-All lights working (brake, signal, headlight, etc.)
-No leaking fluids
-Battery secure
-Throttle not sticking
-Remove all loose items in car
-Proper tires and tread depth
-Wheel nut/bolt torqued
-No major cracks in windscreen
-No loose body panels
-Seat belts working in factory condition; aftermarket harness FIA or SFI approved and not expired
-Coolant level adequate
-Door can be opened from both inside/outside
-Windshield wiper operating and working in good condition for the track (if rain is present)
-Fuel cap present and not leaking
-Exhaust note is within db limit for the track
-Driver: Helmet (minimum Snell 2015 rating) and proper footwear (closed toe)

Tentative Schedule
7:00 am - gates & tech open
7:50 am - tech closes
8:00 am - mandatory drivers meeting
8:30 am - on track sessions begin
4:00 pm - on track activities cease
4:30 pm - premises must be vacated

The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

Sound Limit
Track noise limit is 104db measured from the racing line. Vehicles that exceed the sound limit will not be permitted to run.

All drivers and passengers must wear a Snell 2015 (or newer) helmet when on track and any designated hot areas. Attendees must provide their own helmet.

All VCMC track days are sanctioned by CACC and are held under CACC
 Lapping Regulations and CACC GCR. Additional resources can be found on our Track Days page.

Entries (36)

Patrick Kelly
Kenneth Lo
Antonio Sainz Trapaga
Pan Cheung Lo
Desmond Narayan
David Drinkwater
Dean Chen
Willard Dwyer

Area 27

Oliver, BC
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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