Fri, Oct 15 - Sun, Oct 17, 2021

Porsche St. Louis - Fall 2021 STL PCA HPDE

World Wide Technology Raceway

About this event

Don't miss the excitement, the fun and the opportunity to improve your driving skills during an on-track high performance driver education ("DE") weekend with the St. Louis Region of the Porsche Club of America ("PCA") on the new 2.0 mile road course at World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway Motorsports Park just minutes from downtown St. Louis. Drivers will be grouped for track sessions according to their prior track experience. All students (except those with prior track experience) will be assigned one of our experienced, trained, in-car instructors for "real time" instruction during all track sessions. In addition, classroom instruction for beginners will also be provided.

Friday is an "Instructor/Advanced" day and is RESTRICTED to Advanced Drivers and Instructors only. If you have not instructed at a St. Louis Region PCA DE, or run solo (no Instructor) for at least one FULL weekend (both all day Sat & all day Sun) in the St. Louis Region PCA's DE Group 1 or 2, you MUST email for approval BEFORE registering. Friday will be run under PCA's "Expanded Passing" (EP) rules which permit passing with a "point by" almost anywhere on the track. If you are not comfortable with EP, do not register for Friday.

Come out and join us at World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway Motorsports Park for a great weekend high performance driving school!

PCA and non-PCA members are welcome. Most makes and models of sports cars and sports sedans are eligible to participate.

Important Note from PCA National regarding vehicles equipped with "automatic braking systems":
Because it is presently not known how “Automatic Emergency Braking Systems” will react at speed in a High Performance Driver Education environment, PCA will NOT allow affected vehicles to run with our group at HPDE events UNLESS the system can be and is turned off whenever such a vehicle is on the track. While this feature is beneficial for street driving, we cannot risk endangering drivers, instructors and their vehicles at our on-track driving schools.

Our DE events have been filling up quickly, so register early to avoid disappointment. Once the event is full, we will maintain a waiting list which will be accessed, should openings develop, in the order of event registration within each applicable driver group. YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT CONSIDERED COMPLETE AND YOUR SPACE WILL NOT BE HELD UNTIL YOUR REGISTRATION FEE IS PAID IN FULL.  Please note Instructed groups may be limited on size based on Instructor availability.

Event requirements


Notice: In-car Instructors will be assigned to all drivers who have not driven solo in previous PCA HPDE events.  If you are not comfortable with having another person in your car on-track, please do not register for this event.

ALL registrants and visitors (if allowed) will be required to sign a PCA Communicable Disease Waiver in any additional waivers as required.

If you cancel your confirmed registration, a $35 administrative fee will be deducted from all refunds. There are no refunds or cancellations after October 1st, 2021 unless your spot canbe filled from our waitlist.

1.  If you will be driving a convertible, before registering please read the following PCA Rules:

Open Cars: Any make of car delivered with factory installed roll over protection meets the minimum standards for Porsche Club of America Driver Education events. In these cars the soft-top must be in the up position or the hard top installed. If the top is in the down position, an SFI and/or FIA approved arm restraint system* must be used. If a car does not have factory installed roll over protection, a roll bar or roll cage must be installed, which meets the "broomstick" rule (the driver's helmeted head is below a bar placed on top of the roll bar and windshield). Design, installation and materials of roll bars or cages and their installation must meet PCA Club Racing specifications, contained in Appendix A-Roll Cage Specifications of the PCA Club Racing Rules. All targa tops must be installed unless there is addition roll over protection. All sunroofs must be in the closed position. The windshield alone is not considered to be factory roll over protection. If you have any questions about whether or not your convertible has factory installed roll over protection that complies with the Rules, email us before you register.

2.  If you register as a PCA member, you MUST be an active PCA member and you MUST include your active PCA membership number AND your current membership expiration date in your registration profile.  If you do not, your registration approval may be delayed or rejected and you may be charged a $35 administrative fee.  All PCA memberships are verified with PCA's database so make sure your event registration name matches the name that appears on your PCA membership card. If you have questions about PCA membership, ask them before you register.  If you own a Porsche and would like to join the Porsche Club of America go to to join before you register for this event.

3.  If your car does not have factory installed seatbelts for both the driver and passenger, before registering please read the following:

If the participant chooses to install a 5 or 6 point driving harness (four point systems are subject to special rules set forth below) several changes to the automobile must be made to create a safe occupant restraint system. Harnesses must include an antisubmarine strap and be mounted in an approved manner consistent with the manufacturer’s instructions. The Harness system must be used in conjunction with a seat which has the supplied routing holes for the shoulder and anti-submarine belts.  All pieces of the restraint system must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Every driver and any passenger using other than a factory installed 3 point safety belt MUST also use a "HANS" device. The restraint system must also be equal for each occupant.

This means that a seat is required to have the proper routing holes for the harness as supplied by the seat manufacturer for the shoulder, lap and anti-submarine straps. The shoulder straps should be mounted at 90 degrees to the axis of your spine or at most 40 degrees down from horizontal. Because the addition of the harness system means that the occupants are fastened upright in the vehicle, a properly padded roll bar or roll cage is strongly encouraged to complete the SYSTEM. The use of one without the other may result in an unsafe environment and is not a COMPLETE SYSTEM. Due to UV degradation and wear the harness webbing must be replaced every five years.

In addition to the standard SFI and/ or FIA approved five and/or six point system, the standard will allow a four point system that meets the following requirements:

      1. Meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 209

      2. Attaches to the factory seat belt mounting points

      3. Each belt is designed to work in a specific vehicle and that vehicle tag must be attached to the belt system

      An example of a system that meets the above criteria is the Schroth Quick Fit system.

4.  All participants must be at least 18 years of age and must present a valid US state issued driver's license at track registration.

5.  Helmet Requirements:  You must have a helmet that has a manufacturer's sticker indicating a Snell "SA 2015" or "M2015" compliance rating or newer. The sticker can be found easily and is affixed inside the helmet under the padding. Approved helmets are available through a number of internet sites as well as at some motorcycle shops. SA helmets provide flame resistance and greater protection from multiple impacts.  M helmets generally provide a wider field of vision.  Full face helmets may provide more protection than open face models, but either type may be used.  WE HAVE A VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF FREE LOANER HELMETS AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS FOR FIRST TIME (GROUP 4) STUDENTS ONLY.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS IF YOU ARRIVE WITHOUT AN APPROVED HELMET.  NO OTHER RENTALS OR LOANERS ARE AVAILABLE.  FIRST TIMERS ONLY: PLEASE RESERVE (SPECIFY HELMET SIZE) BY EMAIL TO IMMEDIATELY AFTER REGISTERING, IF YOU WILL NEED A LOANER.

6.  SUV Rules: Porsche Cayennes and Macans are allowed only in First Timer (Group 4) and Novice (Group 3) run groups. No other SUVs or trucks are allowed in any run group.

7.  Shared Vehicles and Passengers:  You may share one vehicle between drivers PROVIDED (1) each driver must be individually registered for the event, (2) each driver must be qualified to drive in a separate track run group, and (3) the vehicle is expected to be capable of safely handling the increased track usage. Unless the driver or the passenger is registered as an Instructor for the event, no more than one person is permitted in a car driven on the track during any DE session.

8.  Safety "Tech" Inspection:  Your car must be inspected by a qualified technician no more than 30 days prior to the event. A car safety inspection is required for all participants. No vehicles will be inspected at the track – you must have this done beforehand. All vehicles must be certified by a qualified technician and meet specific safety requirements outlined by the St. Louis Region PCA.  Exact technical requirements are detailed on the event tech inspection forms (2 pages) which will be attached to your event confirmation or you can download at this link: (click on drivers education page).  However, it is the ultimate responsibility of the individual owner/driver to insure the safe operation of his/her vehicle and to maintain the vehicle’s safe operating condition over the course of the event weekend. Random inspections may be made at the track to insure vehicles conform to safety regulations.  Vehicles failing inspections at the track may be disqualified from participation, without any refund.

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