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PIRC & SCR SCCA Time Trial

Pitt Race

Sunday, August 25, 2013
PIRC- North Track, Wampum, PA

Registration closed August 23, 2013 3:59 AM on August 23, 2013 3:59 AM EDT Registration ends August 23, 2013 3:59 AM on August 23, 2013 3:59 AM EDT Registration opens June 6, 2013 4:00 AM on June 6, 2013 4:00 AM EDT Registration runs from June 6, 2013 4:00 AM to August 23, 2013 3:59 AM

Supplemental Regulations


  1. This event will be held under the SCCA 2013 Time Trials Rules (TTR), Fastrack News Amendments, and these Supplemental Regulations.  All participants are expected to read and be familiar with these documents.  Current SCCA Club Trial Rules (TTR) are available via the SCCA web-site http://www.scca.com/clubracing/content.cfm?cid=44472 .
  2. This event will be open to all drivers holding a valid driver’s license from their state of residence.  Driver’s that are not currently SCCA members will be required to purchase a weekend SCCA membership.
  3. All officials, workers, drivers, crew, entrants, and guests must sign an official waiver. Drivers and entrants are responsible for their crew and guests.
  4. The North course is 1.53 miles in length.
  5. Competition times for this event will be determined by the best single lap time in a competition session.
  6. Entrants are not required to work at this event.
  7. The event will provide normal Solo classes, except for kart-based classes which are prohibited at this event.  GCR legal vehicles will run in their corresponding Solo class.
  8. A single car with multiple drivers is allowed.  
  9. The Stewards of the event have the right to refuse any entry at their discretion.  Additional information on contacting the Stewards is available on the Steel Cities Region website http://www.stcscca.com/about/board-of-directors/ .
  10. Multiple entries for a single driver are not allowed
  13. Officials
  14. Event Chair Mitch Wright #15506

    Chief Steward                             Cannon Roberts #357964

    Chief Safety Steward:               Dave Merritt #341729

    Chief Driving Instructor:           Dave Heinz #

    Chief of Tech:                            Ray Colbert #179229

    Chief of Registration:                Mike Howe



    Schedule of Events (Schedules are approx.  Any changes will be provided at Registration or announced)


    SATURDAY, August 24, 2013

    6:00PM –8:00PM – Registration and Tech Inspection at the Track


    SUNDAY, August 25, 2013

    7:00AM – 10:0AM – Registration and Tech Inspection at the Track

    8:30AM – 8:45AM – Driver’s Meeting (MANDATORY – sit out first session if absent)

    8:45AM - 8:55AM – Novice Track Rides with Instructor (tentative)

    9:00AM – Noon - Sessions alternating by run group

    Lunch - Approximately Noon

    1:00PM – 5:00PM - Sessions alternating by run group



    1. The entry fee for this event is $60.  This entry is for one (1) car, and includes one (1) driver/entrant and three (2) crew passes.  Additional crew passes will be available for a charge of $5.00 each.  
    2. AMB Transponders will be used for timing and scoring.  A working transponder is mandatory to be timed and scored. Results will be available at the base of the Timing Tower. Drivers needing one will receive a transponder at registration in exchange for their driver’s license.  Drivers are responsible for returning the transponder in the same condition at the end of the day, or must pay actual costs to replace the transponder.
    3. Personal checks, money orders, or cash will be accepted.  PIRC accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express at the track or online.
    4. A $10.00 charge will be assessed for any returned payments.  Failure to make a check good within 60 days will result in a suspension of the Driver and/or Entrant’s SCCA licenses and membership.
    5. Make checks payable to PITTSBURGH INTERNATIONAL RACE COMPLEX: mail or fax entries to Pre-Event Registrar:

    Pittsburgh International Race Complex Phone 724-535-1000 (8:00AM-5:00PM)

    C/O Mike Howe Fax 724-740-1046

    201 Penndale Road M.HOWE@PITTRACE.COM

    Wampum, PA 116157




    1. Upon entering PIRC everyone is required to sign a track waiver.  Then proceed to the administration building to complete the event registration.
    2. All minors shall be registered and have a waiver signed by Parents/Custodians.  Contact your Region for the appropriate forms.
    3. Telephone entries WILL NOT be accepted. No entry will be considered official until all fees are received. 
    4. On-line registration will be available through www.motorsportreg.com
    5. Telephone cancellations WILL BE accepted.  Full refunds will be given to those entrants who cancel before 9:30PM Friday August 23, 2013
    6. Registrar will not be responsible for any entries sent by a delivery service that requires a daytime signature or special pickup.
    7. Drivers shall present a TT Participation Log at event registration / check in per the TTR. For first time entrants, Participation Logs will be available at registration.  Participation Logs are not required for drivers with Time Trials Competition Licenses or higher.


    Conduct of the Event

    1. Passing will only be allowed in designated areas with a point-by from the car that is being overtaken. Dive bomb passing is prohibited.  Failure to follow these strict rules will result in expulsion from the event. 
    2. Intentionally “cutting” the track or otherwise dropping wheels off the surface is strictly prohibited, but it is recognized that this is a competition event and that sometimes mistakes occur.  Repeated dropping of wheels is grounds for loss of session time or expulsion from the event.  It is not the intention of the officials to punish honest mistakes.
    3. A driver who comes to a halt on the track surface (due to a spin or any other reason) or who puts all four wheels off track, and is unable to continue is required to report to the pits
    4. Barring event problems, entrants will get two track sessions of 20 min each in the morning and two track sessions of 20 min in the afternoon.
    5. Transponders will be used for timing and scoring the event.  Damage to transponders is solely the responsibility of the entrant.  In the event transponders are not available or not working, competition runs will be hand timed and lap times will not be officially provided for practice sessions.
    6. Entrants are not required to work the event.  
    7. The Chief Driving Instructor and Chief Safety Steward will hold a mandatory drivers meeting prior to each day’s competition.  This meeting is the instruction session for the event and all entrants are required to attend.  Driver safety practices will be discussed.
    8. Sound control will be measured and enforced as specified in section 5.7 of the GCR.  All vehicles will be monitored and the readings will be posted below the timing tower at lunch and at the end of the day.
    9. No trophies will be awarded.
    10. PIRC is a multi-venue, shared facility. All participants and spectators are subject to the PIRC Track Rules and Regulations. Copies of the current track rules are available at http://www.pittrace.com/ and are posted at the track.
    11. Water, Compressed Air, and Fuel are the responsibility of PIRC and are planned to be available at the track.
    12. PIRC does not permit ATV's, carts, rollerblades, motorized skateboards, scooters, or bicycles unless operated in a responsible manner by someone having a valid driver's license and with the vehicle in question identified with a registered race vehicle.
    13. PIRC Paddock speed limit is 5 MPH.
    14. Camping is usually permitted by the track. Contact PIRC for more information.
    15. Entrants are responsible for the conduct of themselves and crew members.




    1. Flags will be used in compliance with section 6.1 of the GCR and section 4.5.3 of the TTR as outlined below.
    2. GREEN FLAG (Solid Green)
      When displayed, the green flag indicates that the course is clear, and that racing is underway. The green flag is ordinarily shown only by the Starter.
    3. YELLOW FLAG (Solid Yellow)
      STANDING YELLOW – Take care, Danger, Slow Down, NO PASSING FROM THE FLAG until past the emergency area.
      WAVING – Great Danger, Slow Down, be prepared to stop – NO PASSING FROM THE FLAG until past the emergency area.
    4. BLUE FLAG (Blue with Diagonal Yellow Stripe)
      Another competitor is following very closely or is trying to overtake.  This flag may be displayed standing or waving, depending upon the speed differential.
    5. SURFACE CONDITION (Yellow with Vertical Red Stripes)
      Take care. A slippery condition exists, or debris is present on the racing surface. This flag is displayed standing.
    6. WHITE FLAG (Solid White)
      Caution and take care for a slow moving race car, ambulance or other emergency vehicle on the racing surface. The standing flag is displayed for 2 flag stations prior to the vehicle in question. In addition, a standing white flag will be displayed during the first lap of each race group’s first session of the day to indicate the location of the flagging stations.
    7. BLACK FLAG (Solid Black)
      CLOSED BLACK FLAG (Furled) – Pointed or shaken at an individual car from the Starter’s stand (optionally, accompanied by a number board indicating the car number): WARNING for driving in an unsafe and/or improper manner. Continued unsafe and/or improper driving will result in an OPEN BLACK FLAG.
      OPEN BLACK – Displayed from the Starter’s stand with a number board indicating the car number: Proceed directly to the pits and the location designated by the Chief Steward or event Supplemental Regulations for consultation with Officials. DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER LAP.
      NOTE: This flag and number board may also be displayed at station(s) elsewhere on the course.

      OPEN BLACK, DISPLAYED AT ALL STATIONS – The session has been stopped; all cars must stop racing, and proceed directly and immediately to the pits, exercising extreme caution. This flag will be displayed with an ‘ALL’ sign at the Starter’s stand and the sign may also be shown at station(s) elsewhere on the course.
    8. MECHANICAL BLACK FLAG (Black with Orange Ball)
      Displayed from the Starter’s stand with a number board indicating the car number. There is a mechanical problem with the car. Proceed directly to your pit or the location designated by the Chief Steward or event Supplemental Regulations. DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER LAP.
      NOTE: This flag and number board may also be displayed at station(s) elsewhere on the course.
    9. CHECKERED FLAG (Black and White Checks)
      Displayed at Finish to indicate that the session is finished. Continue cautiously to the pits.
    10. RED FLAG (Solid Red)
      Displayed at each station and on the Starter’s stand – EXTREME DANGER – THE SESSION HAS BEEN STOPPED. Come to an immediate, controlled stop at the side of the race track (preferably before and within sight of a staffed station). When released by an official, proceed cautiously to the pits. Once a red flag has been displayed, it will not be withdrawn until all cars have come to a stop.


    Safety Equipment

    1. Safety equipment requirements are as per the TTR.  If an apparent conflict exists between these Supplemental Regulations and the TTR, the Supplemental Regulations requirements override.
    2. Dress appropriately. Minimum apparel while driving shall be long pants, sleeved shirts, and shoes which fully cover the foot at least to the ankle.
    3. Helmets will be available for rent. 



    1. All vehicles must be physically presented for Technical Inspection  per TTR section 8.2.  Contact the Chief of Tech to arrange technical inspection away from the event.  Tech forms that should be completed before the event will be available at http://www.stcscca.com/time-trials/time-trial-schdule/   Technical inspection requirements will be strictly enforced!  Competitors are strongly recommended to review technical inspection requirements prior to entering!
    2. Transponders must be affixed to the vehicle within 18” of the ground.  Zipties may be provided for this purpose.  Competitors are reminded that they are responsible for lost or damaged transponders and are encouraged to mount them securely in a protected area of the car.
    3. Each car shall carry identification numbers and class letters per 9.4.1., and 9.4.2. of the TTR.  Two driver cars are responsible for changing numbers between runs.  Time will be assigned to the number on the car.  The use of magnetic numbers and number plates is highly discouraged.  The Chief of Timing shall have the ultimate discretion in determining if the car number or class is displayed appropriately.

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Pitt Race

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PIRC- North Track
Location Wampum, PA
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