Sun, Dec 10, 2023

PCA-SAR Car Control Clinic

Musselman Honda Circuit

About this event

This event is for new drivers or seasoned drivers, as well as those who want to improve their driving skills. The one day event is spent learning, practicing and experiencing car dynamics through a series of 3 tentatively planned skills, all of which require you to learn to look ahead while driving:

1) Smooth Steering on a Slalom Course - Understand how to navigate your car smoothly through a set of cones. Recognize where you want your car to go. You will learn how to drive where the cones aren't.

2) Threshold and Trail Braking - Learn how to control your car in an emergency situation. You will understand more about your car's capabilities and how to manage them. Learn how to successfully maneuver around obstacles (just as if you have a deer in the headlights) while slowing your car.

3) Skid-Pad Activities - Drive on a skid-pad where you will have the opportunity to experience your car breaking traction and then learn how to regain traction in a safe environment. Feel the balance and learn how to steer your car with the throttle.

4) Autocross - After the car control clinic and lunch we are offering the rest of the afternoon as a complete autocross so that you can can practice and test your newly learned skills. 

For more information on PCA-SAR Car Control Clinc go to

Registration fee: Morning only (Car Control)  $75,  Afternoon only (Auto Cross) $75, All Day $80.  Registration includes lunch.

Registration is limited to 50 drivers so sign-up early.  No onsight registration.

Note:  This is an excellent track for spectators so bring your friends and family.

Excess drivers will be placed on a waiting list.  Waiting list priority:

1. PCA instructors, willing to instruct

2. SAR members

3. Others







Event requirements

1. You can review the autocross rules by clicking  .

2. No onsight registration.

3. A valid State Driver's License must be presented/showed at the event registration desk.

4. Snell 2015 & 2020 helmets are required.  If want to rent a helmet please sign up early.  Rental helments are available in limited supply.

Tentative Schedule

Tech and registration 8:30

Instructor Mtg 8:45

AM Drivers Mtg (mandatory for all morning drivers) 9 AM

First Exercise at 9:15

Lunch Break: 12:00 - 1300 hrs/1 PM

Afternnon Tech/If required 12:45.

PM Drivers Mtg (mandatory for afternoon drivers) 1300 hrs/1 PM

Autocross: 1315 hrs/1 PM to 1600 hrs/1 PM



Entries (30)

Glenn Sutton
Daniel Brooks
Roger Brooks
Larry Bull
Michael Schunk
Roy Ertl
Darlene Fouts
Hanjalika Hazwezwe

Musselman Honda Circuit

Tucson, AZ
Download track map
Download track map


Car Control Clinic organized by

PCA - Southern Arizona

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PCA-SAR Car Control Clinic

Sun, Dec 10, 2023