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PCA Potomac Member Badge - 3rd and final for 2013

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Potomac Region Member Badges - Fall delivery


This will be the last order of the 2013 season, so order now.

Potomac Region PCA badges are back! We are now taking orders for the next batch. The badges measure 3" wide by 1 1/4" high, and include your name, board position or car model, along with the Potomac Region logo. The badges are blue with white lettering, and have a magnetic clasp, so they won't put holes in your clothes. The cost is only $20 each plus $5 shipping and handling if you want it mailed to you. You can save the shipping and handling fee by picking up your badge at a club event.

We will place the next order for badges on September 29, 2013. Delivery would be in about 3-4 weeks after order. Because there are setup fees to make new badges, the cost has gone up since the last year but we have been able to keep it at just $20. We do this by ordering it as a batch rather than individually (a saving of about $12 each). To speed ordering, you can pay using a credit card or e-check by using this registration system to order your badge. We will use our main web registration system for ordering and if you would rather pay by check this will be available too.

There is no limit on the number of characters for each line so if you want to list multiple cars you can.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Michael Handelman at

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