Fri, Jan 15 - Sun, Feb 7, 2021

OTAeRacing - Season 2, Touge Battleground

Assetto Corsa

About this event

Touge, (or “Toge”) is the Japanese word referring to the mountain pass. But if you ask any car enthusiast, the word means more than just a beautiful view. To us, Touge is the ultimate expression of speed and competition spirit, the freedom of the drive and the quintessential spirits of the 90s.

The OTAe series will aim to replicate this environment by pushing competitors to compete with each other in a double elimination tournament. The essence of Touge is the one-on-one competition of car control, driving skill and of course, the zero margin of error.

Click here for the full rules and regulations document.



Event requirements

Software: Assetto Corsa (PC) with Content Manager and Custom Shader Patch installed
Discord must be used, OTA’s channel is
Track: Gunma Cycle Sports Center (Gunsai Touge)
Cars and Track Download (REQUIRED)

Assetto Corsa

Toronto, Ontario


Sim Racing organized by

CASC Ontario Region - OntarioTimeAttack

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