Sat, Jan 1 - Mon, Sep 26, 2022

OTA 2022 - Club Challenge Cup Team Registration


About this event

A challenge is set out to everyone to form their own Time Attack Team: find your competitors to see who's got the best squad, car, shop or crew. This is us bringing the Constructor’s Cup to a neighborhood near you!


  • The average of top three driver’s iPAX scores will be used to calculate the base point
  • If a team has less than three drivers attending, the average iPAX for the day will be used to fill in for the missing drivers
  • If a team driver gets top three lap time for the day, they will gain an additional 1, 0.5 and 0.25 points for the team. If a record is broken, an additional 0.2 points will be awarded to the driver team score.
  • If a team driver wins their class by iPAX, they will each gain an additional 0.5 points for the team
Total Team Points per Event = Base Points + Lap Time Bonus + Class Winning Bonus

Team Roster
Each team is to consist of a minimum of three drivers and maximum of five. Teams are allowed to add or remove members at any time before or after the event – scoring will use the standing roster 48 hours before the event day. Change requests must be sent to OTA organizers in order to be considered effective. Once added or removed, it will become effective for the event(s) 48 hours after the date of submission.

Event requirements

For detailed explanation of participation rules and scoring methodologies, please visit our website's rule section:


Toronto, ON


Time Trial organized by

CASC Ontario Region - OntarioTimeAttack

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