Fri, Oct 20 - Sun, Oct 22, 2023

October MARRS / Jersey RRC and 3x50's Enduro

NJMP Lightning

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               South Jersey Region SCCA            

      Presents the

Jersey 3-50's Endurance Challenge and the Jersey Road Racing Classic (JRRC, or The Jerk)

A Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) Championship Event and MARRS season championship finale


October 20-22 2023 on New Jersey Motorsports Park Lightning Circuit



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Free camping and electric thanks to the good folks at Cornerstone Financial Advisors!






Everyone please read the 2023 October JRRC 3-50's Supps Final v2.pdf


Fees:  NO Credit Cards will be charged until the day of the event.
Friday Test Day - $200
JRRC / MARRS Race -  $495
3-50's Enduro - $650 per car
JRRC / MARRS Second Entry (same driver) -  $265
Alternative Drivers School (ADS) - $475
Compliance Fees:   $30  for SRF, SRF3, FE2, and USTCC



Tire services for the event will be provided by Robert Smart, Hoosier Tire
Email address:
Cell Phone #: 1-518-819-9238  
Tire Orders Need to be Made 10 Days Prior to the Event.  Cash and Check only - no credit cards.


        For registration questions before, during and after the event contact Terri Zane 609-784-5316.  

For help with, or issues with, your MSR entry for this event, please email here

South Jersey Region SCCA  

Event requirements

Friday Afternoon features the return of the 3-50's Endurance Challenge - Three (3) 50-minute race segments with 20 minutes in between each segment to refuel, work on car, change drivers, have a bio break, and so forth.

There is an Iron Man/Woman/Person award for the top finishing driver to drive all 3 segments.  Or you can enter a car and have 2 or 3 drivers share the car.

$650/car for 2 1/2 hours of seat time!

Cars from all eligible classes, including cars with log books from other sanctioning bodies meeting basic SCCA GCR safety requirements, will be grouped into five Endurance Classes (E1 through E5), as well as SRF and Prototype.  Examples are available in Enduro Classes E1-E5.pdf  .  The list is not comprehensive and is drawn on performance benchmarks across sanctioning bodies from 2018.  We welcome inquiries from interested competitors and classes will be added or modified appropriately within this structure.  Email to be contacted about additions or modifications.

3-50s Endurance Challenge.pdf describes in detail how the event will be run.



Entries (50)

Axel Bartkowiak
Ken Williams
Mike Leo
Donald A. Yeske
Edward York
Martin Hulick
Meg Meyer
John Carnevale

NJMP Lightning

Millville, NJ
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Download track map


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SCCA - South Jersey Region (SJR) - Club Racing

October MARRS / Jersey RRC and 3x50's Enduro

Fri, Oct 20 - Sun, Oct 22, 2023