Tue, Jul 5, 2022

Occam's Racer Track Day

New York Safety Track (NYST)

About this event

Occam’s Racer is hosting a track day at New York Safety Track (NYST) on July 5th, 2022.

  • Motorsports photographer Peter Levins will take photos and video, and provide free, unlimited access to all media.
  • A healthy lunch and unlimited drinks will be provided. If you have dietary restrictions, you’ll probably find something to eat, but please plan accordingly.
  • Lots of track time, rock bottom pricing.

If you have any questions, text Mario at 415.269.3246.

Full details and registration are here https://occamsracers.com/track-day/

Event requirements

This event is primarily for advanced and intermediate drivers. Previous experience at NYST is not required, but if you’re new to this track, you may want to start in the point-by group and move into one of the open passing groups after lunch. 

Novice drivers may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Before signing up contact Mario (415.269.3246 - text before calling). If approved, you must have an instructor in the car at all times, and run in the point-by group. No instructors are provided, you need to find one before signing up, and compensate them for their time. If enough novices are interested, there will be a separate run group. 

Car identification

All cars require numbers on their doors, as it helps the flag stations identify you. You may use painter’s tape, using a color that contrasts with your car. Professionally made vinyl stickers are recommended, they look better in photos.

If you're an nstructor that is available for in-car coaching and/or ride alongs, but an X on your rear bumper. If you’re an instructor, but don’t want to instruct, don’t put an X on your bumper.

NYST Rules and Policies  

This event is held under New York Safety Track’s insurance, and so all cars must pass NYST tech inspection and follow their track rules. Their rules are posted online, and copied here for convenience:

Vehicle Eligibility
1. Street cars on street tires. Sorry, no SUV's or Truck's.
2. Roll bars are mandatory for all convertibles.
3. Functional factory or "pop‐up" roll bars are acceptable such as Porsche Boxter or BMW
Z3 with owner’s manual that confirms that they are "ROLLOVER PROTECTION" not
"Style" bars.  Honda S2000, Dodge Viper, and Mazda MX5 convertibles are required to
have an aftermarket ROLL Bar.
4. Historic cars must have a minimum of three point belts.  Belts must be safely installed
and well anchored.
5. Drivers and passenger's seat must provide IDENTICAL protection, including seat, seat
belts and roll bar padding.
6. Sound levels will be monitored.  Vehicles found to be over the limit will be asked to
correct on the first offense, then not permitted to participate on subsequent offenses.

General Rules
1. Cars will be technically inspected for safety.
2. Helmets are required.  Only DOT approved motor‐sports helmet is acceptable.   
3. Participants should keep safety equipment in proportion to performance modifications.
4. Gate opens at 6:30am.
5. Everyone must attend the driver's meetings.  Students should plan to arrive one hour
prior to allow enough time for technical inspection.  Students will not be able to
participate if they miss the driver's meeting.

Technical Inspection
Before each event, each participant's vehicle will be inspected by NYST staff.  The purpose of
the inspection is to assure that all vehicles permitted on the track are safe to operate at speed.
Inspection at the track should be considered cursory in nature. Vehicles will not be jacked up,
disassembled, or repaired during inspection. Due to these limitations, it is the responsibility of
the participant to assure safe mechanical condition of the vehicle prior to the event. It is
strongly recommended that vehicles be thoroughly and routinely inspected by a reputable
technician. Participants should keep safety equipment in proportion with performance

We take safety very seriously. Driving Under the Influence (drugs/alcohol) is absolutely not
allowed. The Pit Marshal has the right to end the day for anyone if this safety rule is violated.
Paddock speed limit is 5mph and is strictly enforced. No one should walk/cross the track at
anytime without the Pit Marshal's approval. Photographers must first obtain permission from
Pit Marshal unless standing in designated spectator areas. Dogs on leash, Kids must be

New York Safety Track (NYST)

Harpersfield, NY


Open Track organized by

Pineview Run

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