Mon, Feb 27, 2023

Nixon Motorsports Private Track Day

Eagles Canyon Raceway

About this event

Private Track Time - By Racers, For Racers!

Are you looking for high quality track time to test and develop your race car?  Our Private Testing days are limited and very exclusive allowing only 12 drivers maximum. We secure the track for the entire day, it is our facility to operate.  Price is per driver!

These private track days are for racers with current competitive license or credentials that pass our required experience criteria.  You need to bring your own race car & safety gear (no street cars or motorcycles).  This is NOT Racing!  This is exclusive track time with a limited number of cars to help racers with ongoing Testing & Tuning.

Depending on the number of entries and car types we will determine if this will be an Open track or split into two run groups.  For example if enough open wheel cars register we may close the registration for sports cars or visa versa.  This is to provide an Open Track with no need to have groups.

Eagles Canyon Raceway (ECR) is 2.7 miles long, 15 turns and over 200 ft of elevation change - We will run CCW configuration.

ECR does have a restaurant, Lunch can be pre-ordered.

Event is Private not for Public access however, each driver may bring any number of guests or crew at no additional cost.

Onsite corner workers, Onsite EMT or Ambulance will be provided

If Weather becomes an issue, we will inform everyone in advance and reschedule the event as soon as possible.  (Note we will NOT run in wet conditions or if ambient temperature is under 40F)



Event requirements

You will need to have a competitive racing license or provide experience and background for sign off.

Track Damage - If you cause damage on the race track that is at your expense!  For example Oil Dry is $35 a bag and if you damaged a water barrier those are $750 each.  Any and all track related damages are at your expense!

Waivers must be signed by all that attend the race track.  We use Speedwaiver

Eagles Canyon Raceway

Decatur, TX
Download track map
Download track map


Open Track organized by

Nixon Motorsports

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