Sat, Jul 25, 2020

NCC Karting United Karting Event #3

United Karting

About this event

NCC Karting at United Karting
7206 Ridge Road

Hanover, MD 21076

  • Practice
  • Qualifying
  • Race
  • Cost - $65

START TIME:  We will start promptly at 10:00 AM and we ask that you ARRIVE 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO OUR STARTING TIME to register, get suited up, attend a drivers' meeting, and be ready to race.




Event requirements

REQUIREMENTS: You must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver's license. Second, you need a good attitude.  We will all follow the rules set by United Karting, show good sportsmanship, and respect our fellow racers.   We strongly encourage you to bring your own helmet, drivers suit and gloves.  If you need a rental helmet, you will be required to purchase a headsock (available at the track).

SIGN-UP REQUIRED: Please register in advance of the event if you plan to attend so we can let United Karting know how many people to expect.  We can accept a maximum of 16 drivers for this event.

COVID-19 Considerations: NCC BMWCCA is fully committed to running safe and entertaining events, so due to the rapidly changing nature of the COVID pandemic we will be sending out any additional information as needed as the events approach. Hopefully we'll be past the worst of the pandemic soon but please be prepared to practice social distancing, wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer, and any other "standard" safety procedures that may or may not be appropriate at the time of the event. We will be enforcing recommended measures to keep our members and participants healthy.  If you are experiencing any symptoms that may be consistent with coronavirus, or are simply not feeeling well on the day of the event, please do not attend.  There is no cancellation fee.  United Karting has implemented the following practices:

  • Enhanced frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of helmets, suits, and karts. 
  • Implemented the required purchase of head socks if using a rental helmet, it is highly recommended to bring your own.
  • Mandated that masks be worn while on the premises, we will have disposable masks available for customers.
  • UK has provided sanitizing stations throughout the facility.
  • We continue to emphasize the importance of personal hygiene to all staff and volunteers, including frequent hand washing and regular use of sanitizer.
  • We are taking all possible steps to inform participants and staff on the importance of maintaining appropriate distancing in our facility.

Entries (20)

Scott Palcich
Joseph Borg
Vu Nguyen
Sean Scully
Michael Tran
Philipp Frech
Anand Gajjala
Steven Safirstein

United Karting

Hanover, MD


Karting organized by

BMW CCA - National Capital Chapter - Karting

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