Sun, May 5, 2013

Lapping Day (HPDE) @ USAIR in Shawano WI.

USA International Raceway

About this event

What is HPDE (Lapping Day)?

A lapping day (also called HPDE for High Performance Driver Education) allows you and your car on a track for several 15-20 minute sessions.  It’s the best bang for your buck netting you the most seat time.  Lapping days are an exhilarating way to test yourself and your car’s capabilities and improve your skills.


The day is split into 2 sessions, Morning and Afternoon. Each Session will then be split into 4 run groups based on car performance and driver skill. We cycle through the run groups every 15 minutes until the event ends. Each registered driver will get a total of 1 hour of track time.

Morning Session:
Gates Open - 7:30am
Drivers meeting - 8:40am  (Mandatory)
9:00am - First Car Out
1:00pm - Event ends

Afternoon Session:
Gates Open 11:30am
Drivers meeting - 12:40pm  (Mandatory)
1:00pm - First Car Out
5:00pm - Event Ends

Limit of 32 entries for Morning and 32 entries for Afternoon sessions.



Event requirements

DOT Certified Helmet
18 years and older (or parental guardian onsite)
Valid Drivers License
Car must pass a basic Tech Inspection

USA International Raceway

Shawano , WI


Open Track organized by

Central Wisconsin Sports Car Club

Event over!