Mon, Nov 8, 2021

Kaizen Autosport Track/Race Day at VIR - Nov 8th

Virginia International Raceway

About this event

Join Kaizen Autosport for our season ending HPDE track and race day on VIR's North Course.   The North Course is perfect to work on turns 1,3,4,5 and Hogpen. 

There will be two run groups.  First run group is HPDE only with 4 hours driving time with low traffic and room to go fast.   The second run group is 2 hours of HPDE driving the in morning with 2 hours of racing practice in the afternoon inluding qualifying and three sprint races. This second run group is for licensed drivers or those with a documented racing resume who want serious racing practice. 

HPDE group is $595 for 4 hours driving time throughout the day.  HPDE/Race Group is $895 for 2 hours HPDE time, and two hours for qualifying session and three races.

HPDE group for $595 price includes 2 hours driving with your run group in the morning plus 2 hours in afternoon of open track for a total of 4 hours driving time!   We are happy to provide coaching for an additional fee if interested.

The HPDE/Race Group for $895 price includes 2 hours HPDE driving time in morning plus 2 hours in afternoon including 20 minute qualifying session and three 20-25 minute races. Sessions are designed to allow drivers to practice race starts, develop racecraft, and get wheel to wheel racing action. Practice races are meant to be zero contact setting with mix class field of cars.  For the car to qualify to race,  it must have a 2020/21 RACE tech sticker from any major race series.or equivalent .


HPDE drivers must have a minimum of 5 track days on VIR full course. If less than 5 days experience, then driver must have a coach in car with them.   

Sign up soon as space is limited.

Contact Andrew Heffring for any questions on the Racing side.

See schedule for the day:  Nov 8th Track Day Schedule.pdf

Please complete tech inspection form here: Kaizen Autosport Annual Technical Inspection Form.pdf  OR bring proof of annual inspectjon by SCCA, NASA, SVRA, PCA, and BMWCCA. 

If you prefer to rent a car,  we have over 20 cars available including: Radical SR1's, Radical SR3's, Ligier F4's, BMW Spec E30, Porsche Cayman's, Chevy Camaro SS 1LE, Chevy Camaro ZL1, BMW M240iR, and Ginetta G56 GTA..   Click to book a rental car.

Event requirements

Drivers must complete car tech inspection form or provide evidence of a current inspection from another HPDE group, driving club, or racing association.  If you need a tech inspection, click here for places who can perform inspection:

Intermediate must have minimum of 5 track days on VIR full course.   Advanced group must have a minimum of 10 track days on VIR full course.   

Drivers must sign track waiver and Covid-19 waiver before entering VIR.    All drivers and their guests must wear masks to driver meeting and when around others and ensure social distancing.

Kaizen Autosport Annual Technical Inspection Form.pdf

K&K + COVID Waiver Forms.pdf




Virginia International Raceway

Alton, VA
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Watch a video tour/lap


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