Fri, Jan 14, 2022

iTrack Motorsports Drift&Grip #1

Lanier Raceplex

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iTrack Motorsports Drift&Grip #1 2022

Welcome to the first Drift&Grip of 2022! This event is open to drivers of all skill levels. The format for the event will be similar to a track day. Run groups will be divided by drivers skill level. Each run group will be given 4 x 15min sessions during the night to drive. Each group has a limited number of drivers to allow for hot lapping the track without a set number of laps.

Drift&Grip is open to all drivers of all skill levels!

Drift&Grip registration: $85.00 (all groups)

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Event requirements

D1/D2 - Drift Expert/Advanced - Skilled drivers with years of experience. Comfortable with running fast aggressive tandems with pro-level cars with no mistakes
D3 - Drift Intermediate - Skilled drivers with experience. Comfortable with chasing other cars and working on close tandems
D4 - Drift Novice - For beginner drivers with little to no experience. Learning the art of drifting, rules and track ettiquette
T1 - Track Advanced/Race
T2 - Track Novice/Intermediate

-All drivers must register in the correct run group based off of skill. If a driver registers in the incorrect run group, he or she will be removed from the list.
-All vehicles will undergo a tech inspection performed by iTrack staff at the event. 2021 TECH SHEET.docx (2022 coming soon)
-All drivers will be required to wear a SA2015 or newer helmet
-All drivers will be required to attend the drivers meeting prior to the events start
-All drivers must follow all rules of the track and organization both on and off the track

Lanier Raceplex

Braselton, Georgia


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iTrack Motorsports

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