Fri, Jun 3, 2022

INWR Open Lapping

Qlispe' Raceway Park

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 Lapping Event - Spokane Festival of Speed / PCA - Inland Northwest Region

Qlispe' Raceway Park (formerly Spokane Raceway Park) - Fri, June 3, 2022


Event information and Technical Inspection Updated.

FoS Open Track MinimumStandardTechForm - Updated.pdf ​​​​​​

FoS Open Track 3 Jun 22 - Updated.pdf

This is a Spokane Festival of Speed (FoS) event, with administration and conduct donated to FoS by INWR PCA. This is not a formal PCA DE event although INWR DE guidelines will be used.

The event runs prior to the SOVREN Test & Tune event.  Three 25 minute sessions are scheduled for the morning for each run group.  All drivers must Register and Pay for this event. .

New track drivers will be placed into a run group and drive on the track in a "lead - follow" format.

  • There will be no timing or competition allowed at the event.
  • Non Porsche Club participants and Non-Porsche vehicles are welcome!
  • Registration will be cutoff 2 days prior to the event.
  • Check in and techical inspection confirmation starts at 7:00 AM with participants encouraged to be there at 6:30 AM.
  • A trackside inspection of your car, display of the completed inspection form and helmet check will be done prior to any track time.
  • A drivers meeting will be held at 8:00 AM for a safety briefing and Passing Rules. 

The registration fee for this morning event is $175 (Every Driver Must Pay).  Registration is through

For a resource for driving your car on the track and other usefull and useful information please check at INWR Website (

Event requirements

Vehicle Inspection: All cars must pass a safety inspection within 30 days prior to participating at a track event at Qlispe' Raceway Park. The inspection form can be read, downloaded and printed by using the link.

Link to Inspection form:  FoS Open Track MinimumStandardTechForm - Updated.pdf

Remember to bring the completed inspection form with you to the track if inspection completed by a dealer or shop.

Free InspectionPorsche of Spokane offers a “free” check of your Porsche by their certified Porsche mechanics; however the participant must schedule the inspection through their service department during their normal hours.  It is highly recommended that the first inspection of the Driving Season be done by a Certified Mechanic. Vehicle inspections may be completed at the track between 7:00 am and 8:00 am with prior arrangement. Vehicles for inspection at the track must be at the gate at 7:00 am. Make arrangements with: INWR Competition Chair

Critical - Brakes:  The brake pads must be 50% or more of "brand new" thickness. The brake fluid in the car must have been flushed within 12 months of the inspection - proof will be required to pass this requirement.

Critical - Tires:  The tires on the car must be the correct speed rating specified by the manufacturer.  An inspection of your tires will be made prior to each event.  If you fail this inspection your fees WILL NOT BE REFUNDED

Helmets:  Snell rated SA2015, SA2020, M2015, or M2020 are required

Harness Systems:  New minimum standards is the requirement for a HANS HEAD RESTRAINT device if the car is equipped with a 4 or 5 point safety harness. There is no requirement if the factory three point safety belt is used.  The same rule applies to the passenger seat if a passenger rides in the car. 

Attire:  Wear a cotton T-Shirt, Long Cotton pants, closed shoes, Driving gloves and shoes are optional

Drivers License:  Minimum age 18 with a valid, non-restricted driver's license.

Open to All Make Cars:  All models and makes that pass the safety inspection are welcome.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:  There is a minimum number of registrations required for each class.  We reserve the right to cancel the class if the minimum class size has not been reached.  If we cancel the class you will get a full refund, otherwise,there are NO refunds .

If you do not show up for the scheduled day of the event, there will be NO refund.

Entries (10)

Tom Burgess
David Nadalet
William Werschler
John Werschler
Brennan White
Grant Ackney
Chris Cheeley
Matt Parsons

Qlispe' Raceway Park

Airway Heights, WA


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PCA - Inland Northwest

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INWR Open Lapping

Fri, Jun 3, 2022