Sat, Feb 1, 2014

IMG Winter Party 2014

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IMG & Entropy Racing Winter Party


The 2014 IMG - Entropy Racing Winter Party is scheduled for Saturday February 1st, 2014, from 12 noon until... whenever!

Entropy Racing
2202 East Main St, Sacramento PA

Saturday, February 1st, 2014 from noon into the evening

Because the food is great and the company is as well!

This is our 14th Annual feast of foolishness where the only requirement is that you join a nice group of people with food in hand and a warm smile. for those of you who have never attended, this Pot Luck party has become quite the culinary competition with people bringing their best and sharing it with all.

The festivities begin at noon and will run to about 7 PM. At 4 PM, we will be presenting driver awards and worker awards for the 2013 season. While most of the Friends Of Entropy and IMG are car and race oriented people, the party is quite spouse and kid friendly. Don't be afraid that all we will talk about is cars and race tracks.  

We have a full bar of both high end and low-life liquor and beer (interesting contributions are welcome), a full kitchen with 2 ovens, a 10 burner commercial range, 2 microwaves and the only thing we are lacking is a proper broiler. If the meal you choose requires final assembly or prep feel free to bring what you need to compete your creation.
We have plenty of seating, and video games for kids (and others). the only thing you need to bring is your food and yourselves. we have plenty of serving utensils and trays, plates and the like but if you need to keep something warm bring a crock pot to do so.
What we ask is that you RSVP ASAP  with who will be coming and what you will be bringing, so that we can keep a list of what is being brought. We don't need 6 people bringing the Yaunches family specialty - Clam Ripple Ice Cream. It is better than it sounds.. but not by much.
Lastly, If you know someone who would like to attend for any reason (besides getting totally drunk and trashing the joint) feel free to forward the invite.


Entry Fee: Free. Just bring a contribution to our pot-luck party


RSVPs also accepted via email at 
or via phone at 570-682-9666

Event requirements

No pre-registration requirements for this event. Just tell us how many people are coming and what you will be bringing.


IMG Racing HQ

Sacramento, PA


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Independent Motorsports Group

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