Sat, Feb 6, 2021

High Voltage AMA Grand Championship Ice Race

Millers Bay - Oshkosh, WI

About this event

HIGH VOLTAGE 2021 AMA Ice Race Grand Championships

Event requirements

MotorsportReg Registration Process:
1.  Create a MotorsportReg account (it's free!)
2.  Create a MotorsportReg Profile.  Make sure you:
     2.a.  List your AMA membership number in the HIGH VOLTAGE MEMBERSHIP of your profile.  Valid AMA membership is required for all entries.
          2.a.i.  If you need to obtain, or renew, an AMA membership, please click this link.  On the last page, please enter SOSHTR in the Promo Field
          2.a.ii..  One-day AMA memberships can be obtained online using the same link.  You will be asked to select an event date which will be applied to your one-day membership, so you can acquire your one-day membership now and save time later.
          2.a.iii.  AMA Life Members may see a membership expiration of 12/31/99.  Don't worry - this is 2099, not 1999.  It should allow you to register.
     2.b. Include your birthdate in the Contact Information section.  This helps us identify which competitors are MINORS.
     2.c.  Include your racing machines in your Garage.  You will need to select a machine for each class.
     2.d.  Include an email address and/or cell number so we can contact you if necessary.
3.  Register for this event.
     3.a. Pick your class(es).
     3.b. Pick your motorcycle for each class.
     3.c.  Pick your bike number for each class.
            3.c.i.  If you don't see your bike number (ex: 41x) offered, pick another number and send us a message with your desired bike #.  We can manually change it.
4.  After you register, complete a Speedwaiver for this event.
     4.a.  If you are a Minor, your PARENT(s) will need to log into Speedwaiver on your behalf.

Entries (102)

Jason Temme
Jacob Brucks
Ian Malinowski
Fred Therrien
Jacob Chase
Megan Henninger
Wes Orloff
Jake Drummond

Millers Bay - Oshkosh, WI

Oshkosh, WI


Ice Racing organized by

High Voltage

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