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Fri, Jul 1 - Sun, Jul 3, 2016

FV @ Mid Ohio 2016 - Are you interested?

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

About this event

The purpose of this registration is to get a list of people that are INTERESTED in participating in this event, run in conjunction with the FV Challenge Cup Series - mostly for regular FV owners and drivers, but we are allowing others to get on this "list" and get updates as the event melds into a complete assembly.  We hope to have most all of the details worked out by the first of June - wherein, we will create a new 'event' specifically for registration of Drivers and Volunteers who actually will be attending.  At that time, we will be accepting entry fees in order to PAY for our track time. Driving in this event also require joining the CCS Association at a cost of $100. If you wish to become a real part of CCS, complete info is at .   As usual, there is a limited number of sets available for rent if you would like to participate under the CCS rules, but don't have the tires.  Contact Dean Curtis ( or (570) 350-8901) if you are interested in going that route.

If I understood it correctly, the entry fee will be "close to" $500 (plus the Association fee - pretty close to the cost of a Majors weekend) and there will be a dinner both Friday and Saturday evenings.  Although no schedule is available yet, there are expected to be two 30 minute on track sessions each of the 3 days - a total of "up to" 3 hours. (4 P&Q and 2 races.) CCS ( have agreed to having all FV and CCS cars on track at the same time for all sessions... however,I think "we" might want to opt OUT of the last session (race) on Sunday depending on how the mix is working out.  We should also do our best to NOT interfere with the CCS cars as much as possible.  The closing rates should be pretty decent, as the CCS cars should be quite close in top end speed, but slower in the corners and under braking.  We need to keep in mind that WE are "the faster class" and we don't want to treat them the way we get treated by FF and F5 at normal SCCA events. It's really just a series of TEST SESSIONS for us after all. Just like SCCA events, the clock runs during Black Flag All, so we'll plan to not have any of those :-) .

This will be sanctioned by SCCA, therefore SCCA GCR compliance and current annual tech is required as well as a current membership and Full competition License (no Novice Permits).  Medical insurance will be provided through the normal SCCA Club Racing program, so it will work just as it does in all other SCCA Club Race events.

We are looking for mostly DRIVER interest here - your registration here puts you on a list that will receive any pertinent information that may affect your participation.  If you are interested in participating as a Volunteer, we will likely need 1 or 2 people to help in registration - possibly some work before the event and to help man the registration desk at the track. We might also accept a couple of volunteers to help in tech - again if you have a regional or higher scruitineer license.

We are also allowing anyone with an interest in this event to register to receive the update emails - but ask that you do NOT respond if questions are asked ..this is merely to allow you to keep track of what's going on.  It MIGHT also encourage you to 'convert' and become an active participant. 

I'm not sure how CCS normally handles entry fees, but most likely credit cards will NOT be accepted, so plan to mail a check or bring a check or cash. We'll know more about that shortly.  If your check bounces, you will be burned at the stake.

This is how the race weekend schedule went for the USFV1200 event back in 2104, but the groups have changed.  This should be "about" how it goes - I think our groups will be just 4 - F1600, F2000, FAtlantic, and FV.  We'll have a real schedule when we open for Driver Registration .. probably close to the first of June.

Mid Ohio, identical minute-to-minute each day Fri-Sat-Sun.

In the interest of KISS, the rotation of groups is the same morning and afternoon and day to day.

8:00-8:25 FV Fri Practice , Sat/Sun Qualifying

8:35-9:00 F1600 Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun/2 Qualifying 1/2

9:10-9:35 F600 Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun Qualifying 1/2

9:45-10:10 F Atlantic Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun Qualifying 1/2

10:20-10:45 DUFFUS Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun Qualifying 1/2

10:55-11:20 F2000 Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun Qualifying 1/2

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-12:55 FV Fri Qualifying , Sat/Sun Race 1/2

1:05-1:30 F1600 Fri Practice 2, Sat/Sun Race 1/2

1:40-2:05 F600 Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun Race 1/2

2:15—2:40 F Atlantic Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun Race 1/2

2:50-3:15 DUFFUS Fri Practice 1, Sat/Sun Race 1/2

3:25-3:50 F2000

Mid Ohio allows cars on track between 8AM and 4PM with one hour for lunch required

Event requirements

Participants and cars are bound according to the SCCA GCR and the CCS rules and any supplemental rules (yet to be determined) for this event.

Entries (9)

Christopher Robson
Johan Wasserman
Mitchell Ferguson
Alexander Bertolucci
Sherman Engler
David Thompson
Robert O'Connor
Jean-Sebastien Stoezel

Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Lexington, OH
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