Sat, Sep 3, 2016

Fall Track Attack Hosted By TSCC

Academi Facility

About this event

This event is not part of the TSCC Annual points championship and is not a normal Autocross style event. The format will be a blending of road racing and autocross. Competitors will perform a standing start, perform one circuit of the course and cross a finish line before exiting the course and pulling back into grid. The day will be broken into several heats based on the number of participants and divided into 2 sessions. A morning session and an afternoon session. All competitors will be given runs in both sessions.

**New this year all open top vehicles will be required to have proper roll over safety gear in place this includes all convertible car, all open top vehicles must pass the broom stick test. Note: a hard top for a Miata or S2000 does not meet the minimum requirement for roll over protection. Please contact the registrar for any question regarding this matter before registering.  

Due to the secure nature of the facility hosting this event, there are a number of items outside the normal process that participants need to be aware of and prepared to agree to.

  • Online pre-registration is required for both participants and spectators.
  • There will be no admittance to the facility for individuals not on the access list.
  • There is no walkup registration the day of the event.
  • In order to attend this event, Academi will run a simple security check on all registered participants and spectators. Academi may request an attendees date of birth to further clarify the identity of an attendee.

Food is available on-site for participants:

On Site Food – Meals are currently $5.00 for breakfast, and $10 for lunch and dinner.

Pro-Shop – Should be open at least 8 or 9 to noon, maybe longer.

Competition is open to any street or race legal car under the same general rules and regulations used by the club for autocross competition. As the speeds are generally expected to be higher than our normal events extra attention will be paid to the safety and maintenance of vehicles entered for competition. There is no requirement for safety equipment in open top vehicles.

Schedule of Events:

7:30 am           Academi Gates Open (Please do not show up earlier than 7:30am)
7:30 am           Tech & Registration Open
8:30 am           Registration Closes
8:50 am           Tech Closes
9:00 am           Mandatory Meeting (All attendees are required to attend regardless)
9:30 am           Morning Session - First Heat Drive Thru then First Car Off
2:00 pm           Afternoon Session - First Car Off
5:00 pm           Competition Complete

Membership is $35 per year and will save you $15 on this event alone.  You can register to be a member at  At the top is our membership registration.



Event requirements

NOTE: Multiple drivers in the same car will NOT be allowed in the same heat.  We are aiming to keep the heats small to maximize track time and minimize time on worker stations.

Supplemental event rules will be published at least 10 days before the event.  This supplement will provide further clarification on competition and site regulations and requirements.

Registering for this event indicates agreement to comply with these rules.

Entries (78)

Brian Wells
Joseph Peterson
Paul Hoernlein
Amanda Lamberth
Robert Harrison
Nicole Davis
Brandon White
Robert Hiby

Academi Facility

Moyock, North Carolina
Download track map
Download track map


Time Trial organized by

Tidewater Sports Car Club

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