Mon, Aug 22, 2022

Dynosaur Motorsports @ Thompson 2

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

About this event

Join us for a day of lapping everyone's favorite hometown track, Thompson!


About Dynosaur Motorsports:

A Northeast Track Day group with highly vetted instructors, drivers with a focus on driver development & proper group placement. Teamed instruction, teamed education and high expectations for proper pacing within each group.

Registrations will be vetted heavily for proper placement. We will have people provide a background for approval and also request youtube videos of their driving. No one will be allowed to drive in one of the higher groups without proper credentials. While this is time consuming, I want to make sure everyone is properly placed.

We will take a two team approach to coaching. Two coaches with two drivers. These teams will work together throughout the day. This will provide a unique learning experience for the student as well as instructors.

Run Groups are experience based and as follows:

NOVICE: This is anyone brand new or that has not been signed off for intermediate. Limited passing zones. Optionally, you may allow your instructor to drive your vehicle for a portion of the first session in order to help you understand the line and your instructor understand the characteristics of your car.

INTERMEDIATE: Must have participated as an intermediate in other events for our event. Please provide brief track background (event name, year, run group). Passing in extended zones, but not in turns. Must be able to keep pace with the group.

ADVANCED: Must have participated as an advanced in prior events. Please provide advanced track background (event name, year, run group). Open Passing. Point by’s required. Must be able to keep pace with the group. 

SUPER ADVANCED: Must have participated as an advanced in at least two prior years or race experience for our event. Passing anywhere, Point by’s not required but may be given. Must be able keep pace with the group. Please check with event organizer prior to signing up with this group.  

INSTRUCTOR: Will participate in Advanced and/or Super Advanced.  Must also be able to keep pace with the group. Instructors will also get at least one session to themselves for a total of 5 advanced / instructor sessions.



Event requirements

Participants 18+
Snell 2015 or better helmet required
Vehicles must be under 96DB at 50FT 
All vehicles must be inspected and deemed track worthy prior to the event.

A signed tech form must be presented during tech or you will not be allowed to run. 

Waivers must be signed in person at New York Safety Track prior to getting on the track

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

Thompson, CT
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Download track map


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