Fri, Aug 12 - Sun, Aug 14, 2022

CSBK Round 4 - CTMP

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - GP

About this event

Registration for this event closes at 11:59pm on August 7th 2022. All rider's must pre-register by this date. Trackside registrations will not be accepted. 

Fees include your class registration for Round #4 of the Canadian Superbike Championship as well as 1 free crew entry.

This event is a double header for all classes, and a Triple Header for Pro Superbike. 

Weekend Schedule: 2022 CSBK CTMP Schedule

Prize Fund per Class:

Pro Superbike Feature - $ 5,000 total per race – three races

1st - $ 1,500; 2 - $ 1,200; 3 - $ 1,000; 4- $ 500; 5 - $ 300;  6 - $ 200, 7 - $175, 8 - $125

Pro Sport Bike - $ 2,900 total per race – two races

1st - $ 800; 2- $ 600; 3 - $ 400; 4 - $ 300. 5- $ 250. 6- $ 150.

Amateur Superbike and Amateur Sport Bike - $ 2,400 per race - Two races each class. 

1st - $ 700; 2- $ 600; 3 - $ 400; 4 - $ 300; 5 - $ 225 6 - $ 175.

Amateur Lightweight Sport Bike and Pro-AM Lightweight - $ 1,500.00 total per race – two races each class.    

1st - $ 500; 2 - $ 400; 3- $ 250; 4- $ 150; 5 - $ 100.  


Event requirements

General Requirements:

All applicants must read the CSBK rule book and abide by them.  CSBK Competitor information

All competitors and their crew are required to read and follow CTMP rules CTMP FAQ

By registering for this event, you acknowledge and agree to all terms, conditions and rules set forth by both CSBK, and Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and their partners. These rules are subject to change at anytime. 


All competitors are required to have:

- Have purchased a 2022 CSBK/Pro 6 GP Membership. 

- Successful completion of a recognized race school (Pro6 TRAC, SOAR, ASM, EMRA, FAST, MotoNation, SofARL, SS.) and provide proof of completion 
- 1 successful (no DNS or DNF) race completed at the regional level (Pro 6 GP, SOAR, sARL, EMRA, SS, CCS, WERA, VRRA etc.) prior to this event. 

All three of these are required. No exceptions! 


All applicants under the age of 18 must have authorization from parents or legal guardian and complete all neccessary secondary documentaion before membership will be granted.

Minimum participation age is 15 years old as of the date of the event. 

General Event Details

Each team can pre-register their racer and a maximum of 4 other team members, including underage (children).

No Crew or Family members under the age of 18 are permitted except as waived and registered participants as per CSBK National guidelines.

 All entries will be reviewed to ensure the minimum of issues in Registration at CTMP, including age restrictions and race school participation.

Please review CSBK competitor eligibility guidelines on the csbk web site, and for specific updates email Carol Mathison –

Entry Fees include one racer admission and one crew admission.

Each competitor will be required to pre-purchase an annual CSBK/Pro 6 GP Season Membership for $226.

All CSBK National sessions and races will run rain or shine, with a minimum of delays due to the tight time frame available.

The main items of the Rider’s Meeting agenda will be handled by On-Line Document


Will take place Thursday August 11th, and will be communicated ahead of the event to pre-registered riders to ensure smooth entry. 

Competitors who have already checked in will be met at the gate and led to their specific parking spot by designated CSBK event staff.  Competitors are asked to be reasonable about their “footprints.”


Tech will be performed at the CSBK Keene Truck Tech Trailer on the north side of the main paddock by CSBK staff.  

The Official Dynojet Dyno by BCR will be on hand and spec fuel will be required/available via Brooklin Cycle Racing as in previous events, and is required in all classes starting Friday morning, August 12.

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - GP

Clarington, ON
Download track map
Download track map


Motorcycle Race organized by

Pro6 Cycle Inc

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