Sat, Feb 25, 2023

Come and Take It

Dellcrest Plaza

About this event

This rally is to honor the 32 Texican volunteers who left Gonzales on 27 February 1836 for the Alamo during the Texas Revolution. Two days later the detachment entered the Alamo which was commanded by William Barrett Travis and Jame Bowie. Except of Travis's boyhood friend, James B. Bonham, who arrived later that day, these heroes were the last men to enter the Alamo before it was over whelmed by Mexican forces under President/General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna on March 6 and all of the defenders were killed. This road rally will follow the approximate path of these doomed men from Gonzales to San Antonio (Bexar) but in reverse.


On the day of the event, 25 February 2023, participants will meet at Dellcrest Plaza, 1835 Texas Loop 13 (S WW White Road) and US 87 in southeast San Antonio st 1:00 PM. After completing a safety briefing, the rally will began the 90 minute rally at 2:01 PM. The route will visit Martinez, New Berlin before skirting Seguin and entering Gonzales from the south. The destination is the Gonzales Food Market on Hero's Square in Gonzales where the group will sample the award winning BBQ and discuss more local history.


Early Registration will be through The price is $25.00 per car regardless of the number of occupants. Children are welcomed but insurance requires that minor children, under 18, must have a Minor Waiver signed by both parents. Each car must have a driver and a navigator and each car must have a current inspection sticker and proof of insurance. People who register through will find the waiver form (please print it in color) and may pay online. People may also register by contacting Ken McElroy at and then pay at the event or just show up at Dellcrest Plaza and pay as you fill out the paper work there.

This route is along paved US, state, and farm to market roads.  Along the way you will be given points of local history.

If you experience symptoms of COVID immediately before the event, your money will be refunded.

The GOAL of the SCCA is to Have Fun with Cars!

Event requirements

1. Each car must have a Driver, with a valid driver's license,

2. Each car must have a Navigator who can read English.

3. Each car must have a current vehicle registration sticker and proof of insurance.

4. Minor Children (<18) are welcome but must have a Minor Waiver signed by both parents. The Waiver must be printed in color.


Dellcrest Plaza

San Antonio, Texas
Download track map
Download track map
Watch a video tour/lap
Watch a video tour/lap


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SCCA - Lone Star Region - RoadRally

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