Fri, May 23, 2014

Chicago Region SCCA PDX 2014 #1

Autobahn Country Club

About this event

Performance Driving Experience

Ever noticed the phrase “Professional Driver on a Closed Course” at the bottom of your TV screen during an ad? We have a closed course; come be the driver!

A PDX event provides the unique opportunity to drive your car on a real racetrack. Do you want to improve your driving skills? Do you want to learn how to better control your car at a higher rate of speed than is legal on public roads? All you need to participate in a PDX event is a registered streetcar, valid drivers license, and a helmet.

You Will Be A Better Driver

First and foremost, a PDX event is about you driving your car. Our primary focus is the safety of you and your car. If you are a novice track driver, getting you as much seat time as possible with instruction is our next goal, so you can become more comfortable behind the wheel of your car at speed.

If you bring people along, be sure to remind them to ask about “Instructor Ride Along” opportunities available to them for a small fee while they are on site.

What is the schedule at one of the PDX Events?

First you make sure that you and your car qualify for a PDX event. You must be at least 16 years of age* with a valid driver license. Convertibles**, unless they are equipped with a hard top or an approved roll bar/hoop, are not allowed. Vehicles with other removable tops (t-tops, targa tops, etc.) must meet appropriate safety regulations. Be sure to check this link to Level 1 PDX Rules. Next, register!

*Drivers under 18 must possess a completed SCCA MS-L minor waiver (Form MS-L).
**The 2002 Porsche Boxster, the Honda S2000 and the MINI Cooper convertibles have been approved by the manufacturer as having factory rollover protection and may enter a SCCA Track Day (PDX) Event.

For this event, plan on getting to the track by at least 2:30PM. Once you arrive at the track, you will check in at the gate, park, unload your vehicle and prepare it for the track. Then you go through event check-in. If you are a novice driver, you will need to get your car inspected. Then you will report to the classroom for a drivers' briefing. Once that briefing is over, usually no more than 30 minutes time, the rest of the event should be spent behind the wheel of your car, resting between sessions, and riding along with your instructor to gain a better understanding of the track, the proper line, and driving tips. These tips are provided by qualified instructors, most of whom have years of competition experience. We have the track from 5:00 until dark (about 8:00PM depending on weather conditions).

Should I do anything before I arrive at a PDX?

Please refer to our PDX page, including Track Flags and Tech Sheet, on the SCCA Chicago Region website.

Event requirements



  1. The Level I Time Trial (PDX) May 23, 2014 at Autobahn Country Club, Joliet, IL
  2. Time Trial Sanction No: 14-PDX-3276-S
  3. This event is organized by the Chicago Region, Sports Car Club of America, Inc., (SCCA), and will be held under the current SCCA Time Trial Rules and official updates, except as modified by these Supplemental Regulations.
  4. Name and address of organizers:

    Chicago Region, Sports Car Club of America, Inc.
    921 Lawn Circle
    Western Springs, IL 60558-2262

  5. Chief Steward: George Laws
  6. Time Trial Safety Steward: Dennis Bednar
    Chief Registrar: Linda Novak
    Chief Driving Instructor: Jim Marinangel
  7. This is a Level 1 Time Trial Event. All drivers must be 16 years of age and possess a current valid driver's license issued by his or her state of residence. Drivers under 18 must possess a completed SCCA MS-L minor waiver (Form MS-L).
  8. Registration information
    1. Registration for this event is online only at Emails will not be accepted as entries.
    2. The registrar for this event is:
      Linda Novak
      Phone: (847) 934-3905

      If you cannot register on line, you must fill out the entire entry form. Please mail the forms with your payment by check, to the registrar.
        Entry fees:
    Pre-registered   At the Track   Weekend Membership*
    $130   $180   $15
    *All Competitors are required to be SCCA Members. Anyone who does not have an annual membership on their person will be required to purchase a weekend membership on site.
    Pertinent dates for this event (all dates 2014):
    Online registration closes: 11:59 PM CDT - May 16
    Late Fee $30: After  – Noon CDT - May 10
    Cancellation Fee $10: until May 16th
    After May16th Credited towards 2014 PDX Events
    1. Other information
      1. Please read full rule set at:
      2. The sound limit for this event is 103dB
      3. Schedule: Registration and technical inspection - 2:30 to 4:00; Mandatory drivers' meeting - 4:00; on-track activities commence - 5:00.
      4. The below radio frequencies are reserved for race operations and may not be used by competitors. Race officials reserve the right to designate other frequencies for race administration.
        150.890 151.625 151.895 154.570 154.600
        451.825 452.750 456.825 456.900 457.075
        457.750 463.225 464.325 464.375 464.525
        468.225 469.325 469.375 469.525  
    1. Drivers may be held responsible for damages to property, including track and environmental damage.
    2. All tow vehicles/trailers must be parked perpendicular to the paddock road.
    3. When entering the track from the pits, drivers must keep their cars to the left of the blend line until it ends. When leaving the pits, scrubbing of tires is not permitted until past the end of the blend line.
    4. Convertibles must have roll over protection as defined in Eligibiliy of vehicles section of the 2014 Time Trials Rules.
    5. All participants must have a Snell M-2000 or better helmet. Loaner helmets may be available at the event.
    6. PDX groupings and speed limits will be determined by the Chief Driving Instructor.
    7. Autobahn Country Club track rules are considered part of these supplementary regulations and are enforceable as such. special Time Trial amendments to these rules.
    8. Autobahn Country Club track rules are considered part of these supplementary regulations and are enforceable as such. Special Time Trial  amendments to these rules:
      1. On track hours will be per schedule and/or adjusted as needed for event operations.
      2. No race engines may be run past 15 minutes after the last checkered flag of each day or the time published in the track rules, whichever is later. All competitors must vacate the premises by 9:30PM.

Entries (73)

Bill Stuart
Kevin Miller
Neil Karshna
Josip Fijacko
Kamil Dziwisz
Geoffrey Lonberger
Paul Ebanks
Jeff Kumler

Autobahn Country Club

Joliet, IL
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