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Pacific Raceways

About this event

Registration for this event is limited to current BMWCCA members. If you are not a member, please go to to sign up and receive a valid membership number. Event registrations will not be confirmed until membership can be validated by the Registrar.

If you are either an A,B,C  I will approve your registration as soon as possible. If you are new to our program or a novice driver who has not been signed off to drive solo, you will be placed on a waitlist. We will then contact you directly and pair you with an instructor. Drivers who have no record in MSR but who are BMWCCA members will be contacted directly to ascertain their driving experience. The CDIs will make the final determination in which group you will be placed.

BMWCCA Puget Sound Region has provided High Performance Driving events at Pacific Raceway and other tracks for more than 40 years. We have a very good safety record and an experienced corps of volunteer Instructors. Track events have long been a part of the Club experience; so much so that track driving is really part of the Club’s DNA.

To make high performance driving safe, fun and accessible to all Club members.

 Safety—first and foremost, we strive to keep our members safe.
 Fun—we strive to make high performance driving fun.
 Educational—our track events are schools and have an emphasis on learning.

 Welcoming—we want our track events to be friendly and to be welcoming all our members.
 Approachable—we strive to make our track events approachable and to minimize obstacles that might discourage participation.
 Inclusive—our track events are open to Club members of all skill levels and with all types of automobiles.

Cost: $300.   Registration fees include lunch.  Registration will close 10 days prior to the event or when the event reaches capacity.

Attendees are assigned to groups by the Chief Driving Instructor, based on the skills and abilities of the participant and the vehicle.  Here is an outline of each group:

D Group (NOVICE):  If you are an experienced driver with little or no time at Pacific Raceways, you may find yourself assigned here to start and then being recommended to a more experienced group by your instructor.  If you are brand new to the sport and have completed a Car Control Clinic, this is where you will begin to learn the skills to safely operate your vehicle around the road course with the assistance of an instructor.  Limited "let by" areas allow faster vehicles to safely overtake those who are a bit slower.   D Group is a great place to become comfortable with how your vehicle feels and handles at speeds greater than you can maintain safely on a public highway.  As your ability and comfort level increases, your instructor may recommend that you move into....

C Group (Low Intermediate):  This group is generally experienced with the track and the vehicle.  Participants will work with instructors to perfect their driving line and master the skills necessary to safely navigate the vehicle around the course at speed.  Performance skill like "heel and toe" are addressed, as well as development of effective traffic management techniques.  Depending on the instructor, participants may be signed off to "solo" in this group.  When you have gained the skills and confidence, the instructor may recommend that you move into....

B Group (High Intermediate):  Ok, you know your way around the track and have demonstrated the ability to do so safely at speed.  Now it is time to work with your instructor to learn and master advanced driving techniques and lines.  It is common for drivers to "solo" in this group and they set a fast pace.  Faster, more experienced drivers will enjoy a few more "let by" zones in this group. Some drivers choose to stay in this group, but with the recommendation of your instructor and the Chief Driving Instructor, you may advance to:

A Group (Advanced):  This a group of very experienced drivers who love to drive their cars at speed.   Instructors are available to help learn and master new skills, but many drive "solo".  Our volunteer instructors are welcome to participate during these sessions.  If you are interested in becoming an HPDE instructor, the Chief Driving Instructor looks for Instructor Candidates in this group. 

Event requirements

BMWCCA membership is required for participation in all BMWCCA PSR High Performance Driving track events.

If you are not a member, please go to to sign up and receive a valid membership number. Event registrations will not be confirmed until membership can be validated by the Registrar.

High Performance Driving Requirements:
1. Valid Driver's License-You will be required to show your DL to pick up your packet at the track. 
2. Minimum age of 18 years
3. Enclosed vehicle -
Convertibles are NOT permitted
4. Minimum Snell 2010 SA or M rated Helmet 
5. Successful completion of a BMWCCA PSR Car Control Clinic is required.  Other driving instruction and experience may be accepted in lieu of this requirement with specific approval from the BMWCCA  PSR Chief Driving Instructor and Registrar.  Please provide documentation when requesting this exception.

6.Pre-Event Technical Inspection: THERE IS A NEW FORM AND NEW REQUIREMENTS  THIS YEAR The new form is here: BMWCCA Track Inspection Form.pdf

The safe condition and operation of your vehicle is your responsibility.  We highly encourage that a qualified shop inspect your vehicle.  If you are a qualified individual and are confident you have the skills and expertise to inspect your own vehicle, you may do so, but it remains your responsibility to confirm that your car is safe and meets the inspection standards at each event.

 Please also take note of new brake fluid change requirements – at least every 6 track events or one year, whichever is sooner.  


 You will need to email Inspection Forms to the Registrar.  Just like last year, I will NOT be collecting them at the track.   Tammy Wiest. Will send the email address for tech forms with the email I send out confirming you are off of the wait list. 

Please pay close attention to safety equipment and fluid systems before arriving at the track. If the BMWCCA PSR event staff should deem your vehicle inadequate to participate in this event, you will be asked to remove the vehicle from the participant area.  Registration fees will not be refunded if the vehicle is removed from the event. 

 If you have a race car you must have a passenger seat and belts/harnesses available for an instructor that are equal to or better than those fitted for the driver.(For 2021, this will only be applicable if in-car instruction becomes permitted this year)


Pacific Raceways

Kent, WA
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