Fri, May 19 - Sun, May 21, 2023

Autobahn Country Club Windy City BMW HPDE 2023

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About this event

What we do at a Windy City BMW HPDE?

These High Performance Driving Events allow owners of sports cars / sports sedans the experience of safely driving their vehicle under conditions of higher speed with higher lateral g-forces and heavier braking loads than they encounter on the highway.  They learn how well their car can perform and how to control them under these more demanding conditions.  You don’t need a BMW to attend. 

Highlights -

  • Two days in your own car on a racetrack with four half hour on-track sessions scheduled per day
  • We will be driving on the South Circuit for the entire weekend
  • Register for just one day if your schedule won't allow for the full weekend of fun
  • Each driver will slot into one of three skill level groups - novice, intermediate or experienced/solo
  • Each group has strictly-enforced passing rules, since the HPDE is not a race, but a teaching/learning experience
  • Though the experienced/solo drivers have their own run group they get more track time since they can also run with the instructor group
  • Individual instructors will be assigned to novice drivers to help the new guys and gals acclimate to the event and learn the basics
  • Individual instructors will initially be assigned to intermediate drivers to help them bring up their skill levels
  • Autobahn now requires long pants to drive



  • Instructors*

   $175.00 for Friday with instructing on Saturday and Sunday

   *Instructors drive for free on Sat/Sun only if instructing


  • Experienced**

            $675.00 3-day registration for Friday, Saturday & Sunday

            $600.00 2-day registration for Saturday and Sunday

            $350.00 1-day registration which can be Friday, or Saturday or Sunday

            **premium over/intermediate since you can also drive during the instructor secessions

  • Intermediate

   $425.00 2-day registration for Saturday & Sunday

   $300.00 1-day registration which can be Saturday or Sunday - Limited space

  • Novice

            $425.00 2-day registration for Saturday & Sunday

            $300.00 1-day Saturday only - Limited space


   Non-members pay additional $60.00 for 1-year BMW CCA membership

   BMW CCA Membership submitted once event registration closes


We will also raffle off some $50 Shell gasoline cards to some lucky winners among all our drivers & instructors at lunchtime on Saturday (must be present to win)

Event requirements

Required items to bring with you when signing in at registration

  • Completed Tech Inspection form.
  • Helmet to be checked.
  • Must be 18 years of age at the time of the event. 

Vehicle Technical Inspection


BMW CCA HPDE regulations no longer allow chapters to sponsor pre technical inspections for track events. The tech sheet is required to be signed by the inspector and the participant and handed in at registration. You can take your car to be inspected at your dealership or your favorite independent shop. As a courtesy, we have arranged for two of the independent shops who in the past have sponsored our pre-tech inspections to provide that service. You must call for an appointment (no drop-ins!), as with all prior track event pre-techs the participant accepts all liability. The shops are 7th Gear Auto Repair at 501 Morse Ave in Schaumburg (224-659-3461) and Rauch Autocare at 33B LeBaron Street in Waukegan, IL 60085, (847-235-2204).

Complete the inspection no earlier than 4 weeks prior to the event. Remember cancellation deadlines apply 


Track Damages
You will be held personally responsible for damages to the track that may occur. For example, if you spill oil on the track, damage a tire wall or concrete barrier, Autobahn Country Club will bill Windy City BMW CCA for these damages. We will, in turn, ask you to reimburse us for this cost. This applies to any charges incurred for the use of tow trucks or ambulance above what we have agreed to in our contract with Autobahn Country Club for the event.

Helmets must be Snell 2015 or 2020 later.  SA- and M- ratings are both acceptable.

If buying a new helmet, note the coming end of the use of “M” rated helmets and the shorter limit for the use of a new Snell M2020 helmet.Helmets must be rated to the following Snell or FIA standards.  With the current standard as Snell 2020, helmets meeting the Snell 2015 standard are allowed through the grace period (the eleventh year) until the end of calendar year 2026. SPECIAL NOTE: Snell Motorcycle (M) Helmets. Upon the release of the Snell 2025 standard, “M”-rated (motorcycle) helmets will no longer be allowed. M2020 helmets will only be grandfathered until 12/31/2026.   FIA-Rated Helmets. FIA standards are generally updated every 8 to 10 years. · FIA 8860-2010 helmets are accepted until 12/31/2028 · FIA 8860-2018 and 8860-2018APB helmets currently do not have an expiration date. · FIA 8859-2015 helmets currently do not have an expiration date.

Cabriolets (convertibles)

  • Convertibles must have SCCA type rollover protection and hardtops.
  • Please email for prior approval.

Race Prepped Cars

  • All cars in Novice and Intermediate Groups must have 2 seats. If you arrive in a car without 2 seats you will not be able to participate and there will be no refund.
  • All student cars must have equal restraints for instructor and driver.
  • Working mufflers are required.

Recommended Items to bring with you to the track

  • It is “Recommended” to have an additional set of front and rear brake pads.
  • Read or review the "High-Performance Drivers Manual

Click here: High-Performance Drivers Manual

Registration packets for the HPDE Event

Bimmers & Burgers at Autobahn Country Club

We are having the first Bimmers & Burgers (our “Bavarianified” Cars & Coffees) of the year in conjunction with our High Performance Driving Event at Joliet’s Autobahn Country Club on May 20th from 10am to 2pm. Register to attend by sending an email to with your name and what car you are bringing (any make or model is welcome, but there will be lots of BMWs!) This event is rain or shine!

Show off your car, plus take the opportunity to watch guys and gals driving their daily driver (mostly) or their dedicated track car around the south circuit. Instructors instructing; drivers driving; show-ers showing; but all having fun! On track you’ll see many BMWs, but also expect Detroit iron, Porsche, VW, Lotus, Alfa, Miata, Audi, MINI, Nissan, Hyundai, etc. Whew! Chat with the participants and learn about their cars and what their inspiration was to have so much fun on track. You can see much of the track action from the covered porch atop the south timing building. Bring your camera!

By the way, it wouldn’t be a Bimmers & Burgers without… a Burger! The Autobahn Café has really good burgers, sandwiches, wraps, sides, and soft drinks for sale, so have lunch while you explore our event. Heads up, the café is cards only, no cash. There is no charge to enter the car show, but you’ll need to sign waivers at the venue entrance. Kids are welcome if accompanied by parents or legal guardians (to sign their waiver) but keep them close by. See you all there!

Sample copies of the waivers in case you want to read them ahead of time are here:

Please remember, the Windy City BMW Chapter members who organize and run this event do so as volunteers!

Windy City BMW would like to thank the following sponsors for this event:



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Autobahn Country Club

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