Fri, Nov 27, 2020

Atlanta Driving Society at AMP

Atlanta Motorsports Park

About this event

Join us for our last 2020 track event at Atlanta Motorsports Park! 

Atlanta Driving Society is happy to invite you to join us at Atlanta Motorsports Park Friday, November 27th for an exciting day of driving.  We will have four run groups for the day with each group scheduled to get six sessions of twenty minutes.  Driver counts are capped at 20 for each of the run groups so expect lots of open track in addition to almost two hours of on track time! 

If you are in the Beginner or Novice groups we will be providing instruction (outdoors and socially distanced) for this event.  Expect classroom sessions discussing safety, track etiquite and car control, paced sessions to help new drivers learn the track and the driving line, and the ability to ask any of  our instructors for one on one help throughout the day.

Entry fee for this event is $275.

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Event requirements

  • All vehicles must pass a tech inspection for on track suitibility, please be sure to review the tech forms here to be sure your vehicle is in compliance.
  • Due to COVID only drivers and one guest will be admitted, for families with minor children contact Atlanta Driving Society for possible exception to this rule.
  • Social distancing and use of cloth face coverings is MANDATORY for everyone when not in their vehicle or in their immediate paddock area.
  • Drivers must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Atlanta Motorsports Park requires SA2010 or newer helmets, MOTORCYCLE HELMETS NOT ALLOWED.  Helmets may be rented from Discovery Parts (located at AMP) for $40, please call them once registered to reserve yourself a helmet 706-344-1235.
  • Convertibles must have rollbar or factory roll over protection which passes the broomstick test.
  • For full list of Atlanta Driving Society Rules and Regulations as well as Tech Forms visit
  • Please note most automotove insurance does not cover on track incidents, track specific insurance is available through Hagerty, OpenTrack, etc.


  • Beginner Group - Typically drivers with 0-3 track days.  Drivers in this group will still be learning things such as basic car control, track etiquite, flag meanings, and the driving line.
  • Novice Group - Typically drivers with 3-6 track days.  Drivers in this group should understand the flags, driving line and have basic car control skills.  These drivers should understand what to do but still be working on consistent execution. 
  • Intermediate Group - Drivers in this group should be able to consistently follow the driving line and have a good awareness of flags, other vehicles and corner stations.
  • Advanced Group - Drivers in this group can always maintain their line and are ready to pass and be passed anywhere on the track.

Entries (63)

Steele Davis
Peter Finn
Daniel DeSalle
Jigar Patel
Brad Brown
Christopher Harper
Rian Human
William Landon

Atlanta Motorsports Park

Dawsonville, GA
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Atlanta Driving Society

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